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Available from Friday, August 27 at 09:00 AM (UTC-4)
Session 1: Geotechnics I
(SPA) Comparison of Static and Dynamic Behaviour of Centreline and Downstream Raise Cyclone Sand Dams Cristian Erazo and Frank Pérez, Ausenco, Peru
(ENG) Stabilization of Tailings Dams: Soil Mixing for Ground Improvement Peter Banzhaf and Klaus Idda, BAUER Spezialtiefbau, Germany
(ENG) Design and Geotechnical Studies of a Filtered-Tailings Stack Breno Castilho and Víctor Bretas, Hydro, Brazil; and Débora Chácara, Stefani Oliveira, Yuuki Miura and Ronaldo Pantoja, Hydro Alunorte, Brazil
(SPA) Tailings Dam with Reinforced Earth Walls Nicolás González and Rodrigo Ossandón, Tierra Armada, Chile
(SPA) Geotechnical Characterization of an Old Copper Tailings Impoundment by Using the Cone Penetration Test and Laboratory Testing Camilo Morales, Emilia Castillo and Jean Paul Posch, SRK Consulting, Chile
(SPA) Realistic Tailings Dam Flood Modeling Using a Variable Density, Viscosity and Yield Stress Two-Dimensional Model Reinaldo García, Hydronia, USA; Sergio Martínez, Pilar García-Navarro and Javier Murillo Universidad Zaragoza, Spain; and Adolfo Correa, BrazilHydro, Brazil
(ENG) Five Brazilian Tailings: From Laboratory and Field Data towards Safer Design Criteria Paulo Cella and Flávia Padovani, BVP Engineering, Brazil
(ENG) Comparison of CPTu Inversion Parameters Estimated Using the NorSand Widget Kyle Smith and Riccardo Fanni, Golder, Australia; and David Reid, The University of Western Australia, Australia
Session 2: Geotechnics II
(ENG) Filtered Tailings Dry Stack Quality Control: Efficacy Study for Nuclear Densimeter Test Application Matheus Muniz, Vale, Brazil
(ENG) Geotechnical Characterization of a Silty Phosphate Ore Tailing Within Critical State Theory Ian Paes, DF+ Engineering, Brazil; and Alessandro Cirone, Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
(ENG) A Comparison of Sampling Methods in a Compacted Underflow Sand Embankment Zygi Zurakowski and Lauren Meyer, Stantec, USA; Efraín Rondinel, Stantec, Peru; Manuel Cadenas, Sociedad Minera Cerro Verde, Peru; and Teresa Speigl, Freeport McMoRan, USA
(SPA) Geotechnical Investigation on the Flow Failure Susceptibility of Bauxite Tailings Brahian Román and Stefhany Meléndez, University of Applied Science, Peru
(ENG) Trends for the Monotonic Response of Mine Tailings under Critical State Soil Mechanics Jorge Macedo and Luis Vergaray, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
(SPA) Influence of the Foundation Permeability and the Stacking Rate on the Filtered Tailings Heap Stability Gino Calderón, Vale, Brazil
(SPA) Effect of Non-Plastic Fines in the Undrained Response of a Tailings Sand Under High Pressures Diego Silva, Skava Consulting, Chile; and Felipe Ochoa, Universidad de Chile
(ENG) A Modular Base Platen Assembly to Increase the Efficiency of Triaxial Critical State Testing
David Reid and Andy Fourie, The University of Western Australia; and Ivan Orea and Riccardo Fanni, Golder, Australia
(SPA) Dynamic Analysis of Salares Norte Tailings Storage Facility Based on Constant Water Dynamic TX Tests
Nicolás Úbeda, Golder, Chile; Alonso Cubillos, BGC Engineering, Chile; Alfredo Arenas, Golder, Australia; and Francisco Vera, Gold Fields, Chile
Session 3: Hydraulics, Seepage and Water Management
(ENG) TSF Reclamation: Integrated Solutions for Tailings Re-Handling by Means of Slurry Transportation Stefan Groenheide and Taco de Boer, IHC Mining Advisory Services, Netherlands; and Guido Villamil, IHC Mining Advisory Services, Colombia
(ENG) Seepage Analyses in a Dam with Inverted Flow Víctor Bretas, Leonardo Agripino, Vinicius Pereira, Renata Damas, Daniela Amorim, Patricia da Silva and Mauro Lima Filho, Mineração Paragominas, Brazil; and Breno Castilho, Norsk Hydro, Brazil
(SPA) Flood Management in El Mauro Tailings Storage Facilities (TSF) Gustavo Calle, María Hernández and Mauricio Abdallah, Wood, Chile; and Matías Martínez, Minera Los Pelambres, Antofagasta Minerals, Chile
(SPA) Caserones Experience in Pipes Transport Tailings High Resistance to Abrasion Lenie Gajardo and Luis Rojas, Caserones, SCM Mining Lumina Copper, Chile
Session 4: Rheology and Chemical Aspects
(ENG) Geotechnical and Rheological Characterization of Bauxite Mining Tailings Víctor Bretas, Leonardo Agripino, María Da Silva, Patricia Silva, Daniela Amorim and Mauro Filho, Mineração Paragominas, Brazil; and Breno Castilho, Norsk Hydro, Brazil
(SPA) Geoquimic Stability of Tailings Dams at Closure Osvaldo Aduvire, SRK Consulting, Peru
(SPA) Microbially Induced Calcite Precipitation as Tool to Improve the Mine Waste Management Héctor Zúñiga, Javiera Toledo, Lorena Jorquera and David Jeison, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, Chile
(SPA) Quantification of the Impact of Clay Presence in the Solid-Liquid Separation Stage of Copper Sulphide Tailings, In Continental and Sea Water Catalina López-Espejo and Christian Ihle, Universidad de Chile
(SPA) Estimation of Tailings Flow Runout Distance from Rheology Approach Álvaro Vergara and Sergio Palma, Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, Chile; Alejandra Álvarez, JRI Ingeniería, Chile; and María Zandarín, El Pachón, Glencore, Argentina
(ENG) Rheological Behavior of Different Types of Tailings for Dam Break Analysis Micheline Perdigão, Paulo dos Santos, Brenda Vale, Laura Leite, Thiago Oliveira and Guilherme Ribeiro, DF+ Engineering, Brazil
(SPA) Tailings Rheology Considerations for Dam Breach Analysis Claudio Román, Francisco Scheihing and Jorge Martínez, Ausenco, Chile
(ENG) Determination of the Rheology of Liquefied Bauxite Residue Using a Pilot-Scale Dam Break Test Roxana Ugaz and Gordon McPhail, Water, Waste and Land, Australia
(SPA) Experimental Analysis of the Impact of Solids Concentration and Fines Content on the Rheology of Copper Tailings and Cyclone Sands
Jorge Casanova and Constanza Díaz, SHIMIN Ingeniería, Chile
Session 5: Conventional, Thickened, Paste and Filtered Tailings Studies
(ENG) Paste-Type Thickener Critical Design Features Jerold Johnson and Brad Bentley, WesTech Engineering, USA
(ENG) Coal TSF Closure Guidelines: Targeting a Consistent, Measurable and Sustainable Approach Sally Moodie and Kim Ferguson, BHP, Australia; and Chad LePoudre, BHP, Canada
(ENG) Filter Aids to Improve Iron Ore Tailings Filtration Nathalia Costa, Leandro Bicalho, Pierre Fernandes, Wagner Silva, Clariant, Brazil; and Rodolfo Moreira and Vinicius Seering, Vale, Brazil
(SPA) Filtered Tailings Storage Facility Design: A Sustainable Alternative to Modern Mining Édgar Quiroz, Stantec, Peru
(ENG) Management of the Post Closure Erosion of Sand Dam Embankments Gordon McPhail, Nickolai Nazarov and Francisco García, Water, Waste and Land, Australia
(ENG) Prediction of Initial Settled Density for Copper Tailings Based on Basic Properties Arash Roshdieh, Keith Seddon and Samuel van der Vinne, ATC Williams, Australia
(ENG) Dewatering of Tailings and Paste with Modern Vacuum Disc Filters Jürgen Hahn, Bokela, Germany
(ENG) Co-Disposal Dumps in Brazil: Challenges and Opportunities Luciano Souza, Erick Rógenes, Stefania Oliveira, Elisa Silveira, Aline Marques and André Coelho, DF+ Engineering, Brazil
(SPA) Descriptive and Prescriptive Analyses of Thickeners: Experimental and Operational Data Approach Pamela Garrido, William Montes, Klebbert Andrade and Patricia Fernández, Centro de Investigación Minería Sustentable JRI, Chile
(SPA) Variation of Solid Concentration for High Thickened Tailings Flows during Deposition: A Field Study and Model Fabián Olea, Universidad de Chile; Tomás Errázuriz, Independent Consultant, Chile; Rodrigo Gutiérrez and Erwin Cortés, Minera Centinela, Antofagasta Minerals, Chile; and Horacio Olavarría, R&Q Ingeniería, Chile
(SPA) Salares Norte Filtered Tailings Storage Facility (FTSF) Design
Álvaro Huerta, SRK Consulting, Chile; and Francois Swanepoel and Francisco Vera, Gold Fields, Chile
Session 6: Technologies and Instrumentation for Monitoring and Surveillance
(ENG) Using Ambient Seismic Noise Interferometry to Image and Monitor Tailings Dams Tjaart de Wit and Gerrit Olivier, Institute of Mine Seismology, Australia
(ENG) Novel Interactive Web-Based Tool for Dam Breach Inundation Studies Gemma Bullard, Patrick Grover, Robert Millar, Katie Tait and Matthew Lato, BGC Engineering, Canada
(ENG) G.Re.T.A. Solution to Monitor the Integrity of Tailings Dams Greta Tresoldi, LSI Lastem, Italy; Luigi Zanzi, Politecnico di Milano, Italy; and Azadeh Hojat, Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman, Iran
(ENG) Advanced Tailings Dam Monitoring and Response System Based on IoT Pedro Leite, Ricardo Telles and Luis Almeida, Mosaic Fertilizantes do Brasil; Bruno Rezende, Leonardo Santana, Tetra Tech América do Sul, Brazil; and Denis Guilhot, Andrea Bartoli, Xavi Vilajosana, Leonardo Vidigal and Fernando Pérez, Worldsensing SL, Spain
(SPA) Managing Risk of Tailings Storage Facilities through Surveillance, Monitoring and the Construction of FMEA type of Analysis Jasna Zúñiga and Gonzalo Suazo, Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, Chile and Gabriel Villavicencio, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, Chile
(ENG) Integrity Monitoring of Tailings Storage Facilities Using Distributed Fiber Optics Sensing Technology Sam Johansson, HydroResearch, Sweden; Michael Mondanos, Silixa, UK; and Zara Anderson, Silixa, Canada
(ENG) Satellite InSAR for assessing deformation processes of tailing dams: the Zelazny Most case in Legnica Glogow Copper District (Poland) Benedetta Antonielli, Sapienza Università di Roma, Italy; Francesca Bozzano, Stefano Scancella, Paolo Mazzanti and Serena Moretto, NHAZCA, Italy; Alessandra Sciortino, Università degli Studi dell’Aquila, Italy
(ENG) Leveraging Hydrogeophysics for In-Situ Monitoring of Tailings Facilities Raul Mollehuara, Elena Kozlovskaya and Juha Lunkka, University of Oulu, Finland; and Daniele Pedretti, Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy
(ENG) Towards the Development of an Effective Monitoring Program of Tailings Dams: The Vale Experience Karla Pimentel, Isabela Vasconcelos, Beatriz Mapa, Diego Lage, Filipe Costa, Pamela Lisboa and Tercio Costa, Vale, Brazil; and Paolo Farina, Geoapp, Italy
(SPA) Automated Permanent Monitoring of Seepage for Tailings Dams Using a Customized ERT System Leopoldo Córdova and Jordi Bari, Geosinergia Ingeniería y Medio Ambiente, Chile
(ENG) Overview of Surveillance and Reporting Tools for TSF Management Mark Schmelter, Freeport-McMoRan, USA
Session 7: Dam Safety, Governance and Operational Experiences
(SPA) Earth Filled Dams Contact with Water And/Or Fine Tailings Versus Non Segregated Tailings: Risk Analysis Juan Rayo, Freddy Flórez and Alejandra Álvarez, JRI, Chile; and María Zandarin, El Pachón, Glencore, Argentina
(ENG) Simplified Dams Risk Assessments Need To Remain Meaningful Franco Oboni and Cesar Oboni, Riskope, Canada
(SPA) Dam Safety Review: Lessons and Opportunities Ignacio Atucha, Claudio Román and Gabriel Cuevas, Ausenco, Chile; and Marcelo Mussé, NETKE, Chile
(ENG) Practical Steps to Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management Compliance for Operational Tailings Storage Facilities Siduduzo Dladla, Shaun Ramsay and Mashudu Tshamano, Fraser Alexander, South Africa
(SPA) Challenges in Chilean TSFs Global Standard Implementation Emilio López, Gail Riddell, Manuel Cortés and Ignacio Pizarro, Nava Consulting, Chile
(SPA) Fault Tree Analysis as a Tool for Preventing the Development of Failure Mechanisms in Tailings Dams César Pastén, Diana Comte, Christian Ihle and Samuel Rojas, Universidad de Chile; and Felipe Campos and José Campaña, Arcadis, Chile
(SPA) TSF’s Risk Management in Chile: A Preventive or Reactive View? Gail Riddell, Emilio López, Manuel Cortés and Ignacio Pizarro, Nava Consulting, Chile
(ENG) Case Study: Rockfill Dam Construction at a Tailings Storage Facility Ranjiv Gupta, Ayobami Alao, Amber Pehringer and Laura Nugent, Freeport McMoRan, USA; and Jason Hilgers, AECOM, USA
(ENG) Practical Considerations for Tailings Operating Manuals Johan Boshoff and Louise McNab, Gold Fields, Australia
(ENG) App and Cloud-Based Solutions to Benchmark Operations against the Global Tailings Standard and Establish an Online Global Tailings Management System Johan Boshoff and Louise McNab, Gold Fields, Australia
(SPA) Tailings Governance in Codelco: The Way Traveled and Next Challenges Carlos Vilches and René Orellana, Codelco, Chile
(SPA) Iron Ore Filtered Tailings - CMP Denis Parraguez, Carla Tapia and Isabel Morales, Compañía Minera del Pacífico, Chile; and María Alejandra Azúa, Atacama University, Chile
Technical Courses
Integrating Seismic Hazard, Performance and Monitoring of Tailings Deposits Diana Comte, Professor, AMTC, Universidad de Chile
César Pastén, Professor, AMTC, Universidad de Chile
Roberto Gesche, Professor, AMTC, Universidad de Chile
Myths and Realities of Tailings Dewatering Moderator: Caius Priscu, Adjunct Professor, Norman B. Keevil Institute of Mining Engineering, The University of British Columbia, Canada


Kate Patterson, Associate, Tailings and Water Resources Engineer, Klohn Crippen Berger, Canada
Rachel Jensen, Senior Process Engineer, Paterson & Cooke, USA
Guillaume Tremblay, Tailings & Dam Engineer, Rio Tinto, Canada
Michael Davies, Senior Advisor, Teck Resources, Canada
John Lupo, Senior Director, Newmont Mining, USA