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Available from Monday, November 23 at 08:00 AM (UTC-3)
SESSION 1: Geometallurgical Developments - Applied Mineralogy and Mineral Characterization
Improved Efficiency of Copper, Iron and Nickel Ore Processing with MAYA Online Elemental Analyzers Alexander Baryshnikov, Vitaliy Ovcharenko, Victoria Rudchenko, Lyncis UAB, Lithuania; and Arturo Rodríguez, TIAR, Chile
Textural Attributes and Its Link to Comminution: A Case Study for EAF SiMn Slags Carolina Carvajal and Holger Lieberwirth, Institut für Aufbereitungsmaschinen, TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany
Partial Extraction Methods for Copper Mineralogy Estimation in Geometallurgical Applications Francisco Contreras, Daniele Beck and Héctor Montes, Mine to Port, Chile
Multi Pixel Stochastic Approach to Mineral Samples Spectral Analysis for Geometallurgical Modeling Cristian Jara, Outlier, Chile; Alejandro Ehrenfeld, Álvaro Egaña, Christian Vidal and Felipe Santibáñez, Advanced Mining Technology Center, Universidad de Chile
Mineralogical and Textural Influence on Cu Grade in Concentrates, Andina Division, Codelco, Chile Catalina Martinez, Geomaq Servicios Geológicos y Mineralogicos Integrales, Chile; Oscar Jerez, Beatriz Morales, Institute of Applied Economic Geology, Universidad de Concepción, Chile; and Claudio Martínez, Andina División, Codelco, Chile
Real-time Monitoring of Slurry Mineralogy and Elemental Content Using XRD and XRF Joel O’Dwyer, Brianna Ganly, Yves Van Haarlem, Emily Yap, Jonathan Masters, Stephen Rainey, CSIRO, Australia
SESSION 2: Geometallurgical Characterization - Testing and Estimate of Process Performance
Geochemical Assessment of Critical Metals: A Geometallurgical Guideline for the Evaluation of By-products of an IOCG Type Deposit, Chile Olivia Mejias, Javier Quevedo, SMI-ICE, Chile; Anita Parbhakar-Fox, SMI-BRC, University of Queensland, Australia; Brian Townley, Universidad de Chile; and Leonid Danyushevsky, CODES, University of Tasmania, Australia
Understanding the Compression Comminution of Iron Ore Using a Piston Press Test Giovanni Pamparana and Bern Klein, Norman B. Keevil Institute of Mining Engineering, The University of British Columbia, Canada
Incorporation of Rock Variability to the Design of Comminution Circuits Luis La Torre, Mayra Jefferson and Adam Johnston, Transmin Metallurgical Consultants, Peru
Geometallurgical Characterization to Boost Short-Term Planning of the Conventional Process Line at El Teniente Valentina Toledo, El Teniente Division, Codelco, Chile; Olivia Mejias, Independent Geologist, Chile; And Oscar  Jerez, Institute of Applied Economic Geology, University of Concepción, Chile
A Geometallurgical Approach to Comminution Using Primary Breakage Properties of Ores Pia Lois, Sustainable Minerals Institute, University of Queensland, Australia and Mining Engineering Department, Universidad de Chile; Catherine Evans, Karina Barbosa and Mohsen Yahyaei, Sustainable Minerals Institute, University of Queensland, Australia
Value of Information from Drillings: The LBUG Experience Iván Vela, Marcial Pablo and Daniel Jordán, Anglo American, Chile
SESSION 3: Geometallurgical Developments - Modeling
Building an Integrated Throughput-Flotation Model for Long Term Geometallurgy Héctor Montes, Gerardo San Martín and Claudia Velásquez, Mine to Port, Chile
A Roadmap to Geometallurgical Modeling at The Cerro Lindo VMS Deposit Mayra Jefferson, Adam Johnston, Transmin Metallurgical Consultants, Peru; Nilo Davila and Cesar Matias, Nexa Resources, Peru
Prediction of Comminution and Flotation Performance from Routine Geochemical Data at the Quebradona Project
Nicholas Clarke, Imtech, Australia; Alvaro Barros, Pablo Noriega and Leonardo Cajicá, Minera de Cobre Quebradona, Anglo Gold Ashanti, Colombia
A Geometallurgical Model to Optimize the Flotation Process of High Clays Ores Leopoldo Gutiérrez, Oscar Jerez, Andrés Ramírez and Dennis Vega, Universidad de Concepción, Chile
Data Mining, UGM Generation for Copper Rougher Recovery Estimation, El Teniente Jorge Avila, Ludovina Burgos and Carolina Becerra,  El Teniente Division, Codelco, Chile
Geometallurgical Design of the Flotation Circuit for a Copper-Gold Deposit David Hatton and David Bulled, SGS, Canada
SESSION 4: Comminution - Applying Modeling to Optimize the Process
Determination of Load Jc and Balls Jb Level by Power Draw and Pressure in Grinding Mills Mario Cerda, Minera Santo Domingo SCM, Chile
On the Effect of Slurry Density on SAG Mill Performance Jaime Sepúlveda, J-Consultores, Chile; and Miguel Becerra, Teck Resources, Chile
A New General Formula to Predict the Specific Energy of Comminution Roddy Valle and Joe Pezo, Metso:Outotec, Peru
Optimizing Value from Real-Time, On-Line Particle Size Measurement on Individual Cyclones Robert Maron, CiDRA Minerals Processing, USA; Jaime Sepulveda, J-Consultants, Chile; Mauricio Estrada and Rodrigo Bruna, SGS Minerals, Chile
SESSION 5: Flotation - Applying Modeling to Optimize the Process
CU Recovery Model for Cleaner-Scavenger Stage at Minera Centinela’s Flotation Plant Gonzalo Barcos, Javier Vargas, Minera Centinela, Antofagasta Minerals, Chile; Francisco Soto and Gerardo Espinoza, Empírica, Chile
Evaluation of Particle Size Segregation in Industrial Flotation Plant Cutters by Means of Radioactive Tracers Nelson Barrientos, Francisco Díaz, Nuclear Tracer and Engineering, Chile; Claudio García and Gary Gálvez, SCM Minera Lumina Copper, Caserones, Chile
Effect of Froth Transport on the Metallurgical Performance in a Large Industrial Flotation Cell Paulina Vallejos, Juan Yianatos, Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Universidad Técnica Federico Santa Maria, Chile; Rodrigo Grau and Alejandro Yañez, Metso:Outotec, Finland
Influence of Water Salinity on the Degree of Entrainment in Flotation Leopoldo Gutiérrez, Fernando Betancourt, Universidad de Concepción, Chile; Lina Uribe, Universidad de Talca, Chile; and Miguel Maldonado, Universidad de Santiago de Chile
Performance of Jamesons Cells in Collective Floating Stage Berenise Garay Aguirre and Egidio Catalán Devia,  Cía. Minera Doña Inés de Collahuasi, Chile
SESSION 6: Comminution - Challenges in Process Optimization
The New ERC® – Eccentric Roll Crusher: Characteristics and Implementation in Mining Markus Dammers and Raul Ellermann, Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions, Germany
Size Classification and Dewatering for Fine HPGR Comminution Cherezade Saud, Amit Kumar, Fisher Wang, Darren Gong and Bern Klein, Norman B. Keevil Institute of Mining Engineering, The University of British Columbia, Canada
Autonomous Primary Crushing Station: Advancements, Challenges and Feasibility Edis Nunes, Lucas Ono, Dusty Jacobson and Homero Delboni Jr, Metso-Outotec, Brazil
Improved Energy Efficiency in the Grinding and Classification in a Magnetite Concentration Plant Solange Vera, Romke Kuyvenhoven, SMI-ICE-Chile; Jaime Sepúlveda, J-Consultores, Chile; and Marcin Ziemski, SMI University of Queensland, Chile
Optimization of Vertical Grinding Parameters through Online Determination of the Balls Level José Pérez, Aldo Valenzuela, Salvador Camargo, Luis Carrillo, Jaime Bravo and Salvador Gómez, Minera Fresnillo, Mexico
SESSION 7: Industrial practices and Improvements - Processsing and Reprocessing
Incidence of Broken Ore on Sedimentation Rate, El Teniente Mine Carolina Becerra, Ludovina Burgos, Susana Fonseca and Carolina Portilla, El Teniente Division, Codelco, Chile
Recovery of Valuable Elements from Mine Tailings Williams Flores, Hugo Contreras, Pamela Garrido, Research Center, CI-JRI, Chile; Jocelyn Concha y Pablo Espinoza, Compañía Minera del Pacifico CMP, Chile
Challenges in Comparing Gravity Separation Technologies for Gold Pre-Concentration Assessment Daniel Amariei and Gianni Bartolacci, COREM, Canada
Characterization and Reprocessing Evaluation of Zn/Pb Tailings from B2 dam at Nexa’s Morro Agudo Mine Breno Valente, Lucas Lopes, Marília Santiliano, Jorge Bechir and Adelson Souza, Nexa Resources, Brazil
Characterization of Copper Ore Tailings and Its Potential Application in Construction Materials Francisco Rivas, Carlos Moraga and Lina Uribe, School of Mining Engineering, Universidad de Talca, Chile
SESSION 8: Mineral Processes - Data analytics, Modeling and Optimization I
Performance Assessment of Submersible Sensors to Measure in Real-Time Gas and Solid Holdup in a 250m3 Wemco Cell at Los Pelambres Concentrator Miguel Maldonado, Daniel Meriño, Ignacio Ramos, Department of Metallurgical Engineering, Universidad de Santiago de Chile; Pablo Bustos, Felipe Henríquez, Michel Morales, Minera Los Pelambres, Antofagasta Minerals, Chile
Flotation Circuit Optimization Using Modeling and Simulation Ronney Rodrigues, FLSmidth, USA
Reprocessing Historical Tailings: Three Chilean Case Studies Diego Mesa,  Advanced Mineral Processing Group, Imperial College, UK and Aminpro, Chile; David Barriga, Patricio Berrios, Esteban Rodríguez and Roger Amelunxen, AMINPRO, Chile
Advanced Process Control Applied in a Flotation Circuit Using a Real-Time Image Analysis System Marco Martins and Rafael Ferreira, CEMI Process Optimization, Brazil
A Multi-Compartment Model for Flotation – Development and Validation Ronney Rodrigues, FLSmidth, USA; Seyed Hassan and Aaron Noble, Department of Mining & Minerals Engineering, Virginia Tech, USA
SESSION 9: Mineral Processes - Data analytics, Modeling and Optimization II
Operation of the Millling Stage under the Risk Management Cycle in Collahuasi Sau-lin Lay and Marcelo Rodriguez, Cía. Minera Doña Inés de Collahuasi, Chile
Is Sampling and Quantified Data Quality Considered on Metallurgical Balance? Oscar Dominguez, Technical Centre of Excellence, BHP, Australia
Decision Support Systems for SAG Mill Control: A Case Study Jacques Olivier, Paul Shelley and Eugene Davies, Molycop Global, Australia; and Chris Aldrich, Western Australian School of Mines, Curtin University, Australia
Increased Throughput of Nexa's Vazante Grinding Circuit Using 10 Deck High Frequency Screen Larissa Demuner, Jorge Bechir, Gilvan Junior, Valerio Metsavaht, Alexandre Caitano and Ricardo Ogawa, Nexa Resources, Brazil
Optimisation of Parabolic Walled Mini-Hydrocyclones Using CFD Simulations and 3D Printing Technology Dennis Vega-Garcia, Department of Metallurgical Engineering, University of Concepción, Chile; Jan Cilliers and Pablo Brito-Parada, Department of Earth Science and Engineering, Imperial College London, UK
A Novel Power Model for Conventional Mills Based on the Discrete Element Method Mario Cerda, Minera Santo Domingo SCM, Chile
SESSION 10: Industrial Practices and Improvements
Demystifying Preconceptions of Preconcentration Walter Valery, Kristy-Ann Duffy, Peter Holtham, Erico Tabosa and Claudia Plasencia, Hatch, Australia; Roberto Valle, Hatch, Peru
The Energy Prism Applied to DRC’s Cobalt in the Energy Transition Juan Pablo Mardones, Metallurgical Consultant; and Cristian Château, National Academy of Political and Strategic Studies, Chile
Peruvian Concentrator Projects Dante Garcia, Minerals Processing Consultant, Peru
Application of New Technologies for Remote Operational Support in Metallurgical Plants Mohsen Yahyaei, Isabella Verster, Rick Valenta, Marcin Ziemski, Sustainable Minerals Institute, University of Queensland, Australia; Bevin Wong, JKTech, University of Queensland, Australia; and Roxanne O'Donnell, Glencore, Mount Isa Mines, Australia
Disruption or the Next POLYCOM Chapter: HPGR Pro Egbert Burchardt, Thomas Mackert and Henrik Driemeier, Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions, Germany.
Towards Flotation-Based Modeling fot the Flotaton-Grinding Circuit Enoque Diniz, Universidad de Antofagasta, Chile
Effect of Mechanically Degraded Polyacrylamide Flocculant on Molybdenite Flotation Luver Echeverry, Darwin Estrada and Leopoldo Gutierrez, Universidad de Concepción
Study of the Flotation Behaviour of Enargite in Seawater at Different Electrochemical Potential Conditions Rodrigo Yepsen, Water research Centre for Agriculture and Mining (CRHIAM), Universidad de Concepción; and Leopoldo Gutiérrez, Department of metallurgical engineering, Universidad de Concepción, Chile