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Available from Monday, September 7 at 08:00 AM (UTC-3)
Session 1: Design of Mining Operations for Closure
(ENG) Closure Plan, the Right Moment to Start Ana Lima, Nexa Resources, Brazil
(SPA) Integrating Closure to Life of Asset Planning through Anglo American´s ICPS - Los Bronces Case Study Eduardo Salfate, Golder, Chile; and Eduardo Loo, Anglo American, Chile
(ENG) Knowledge Base: Using Digital Tools for the Data Integration at Mine Closure Management Luanna Di Guimarães, Aika Miura, Antônio Gentini, Felipe Oliveira, Lucas Fonseca, Daniel Anton and Karin Formigoni, Arcadis, Brazil
(ENG) Progressive Mine Closure - Define this Sustainable Development Practice for your Mine Rock Stockpile Terryn Kuzyk, Miriam Clark, Chris Mills, Andrew Baisley and Mike O’Kane, O’Kane Consultants, Canada
(SPA) GIS Planning for Mine Closure Management Francisco Sepúlveda and Rodrigo Cádiz, Arcadis, Chile
(ENG) Enabling Public Participation in Mine Closure Planning Sarah Mackenzie, Kamila Svobodova, Jo-Anne Everingham and Kathy Witt, Sustainable Minerals Institute, The University of Queensland, Australia
Session 2: Closure Risk Assessment
(ENG) Risk-Based Management in Mine Closure - Practiced Examples in Brazil Ana Taveira, Hace Consultoria, Assessoria e Treinamento, Brazil; and Luis Sánchez, University of São Paulo, Brazil
(SPA) Reviewing the Impact Produced In Air Quality Due To Infrastructure Decommissioning and Mine Closure Activities Valentina Zolezzi, Andrés López, Camila Soler and Javier Mancilla, Wood, Chile
(ENG) A Rational Method of Risk Assessment for Mine Waste Storage Facilities Michael James, Michel Julien, Pascal Lavoie, Edouard Masengo, Thomas Lepine, and Edouardine Ingabire, Agnico Eagle Mines, Canada; and Karen Choven, Enviro Integration Strategies, Canada
(SPA) Integrating Operational Reports of Tailings Deposits with Mine Closure Risk Assessment: A Proposal for Sernageomin Report Contents Andrés López, Valentina Zolezzi, Abraham Figueroa and Juan Carlos Torrejón, Wood, Chile
Session 3: Mine Closure Regulations and Standards
(SPA) Implementation of Chile´s Mine Closure Law: Critical Analysis of the Regulatory Framework. Challenges and Proposals Paulina Riquelme, Jorge Brower and Ignacio Funes, Eelaw, Chile
(SPA) Critical Comparison between International Standards and Chilean Practice related to Physical Stability of Mine Waste Dumps in Mining Closure Daniela Puma, Priscilla Torres, Leonardo Dorador, Eloy Santos, José Campaña and Rodrigo Cádiz, Arcadis, Chile
(SPA) Sernageomin Mine Closure Requirements on Medium and Large Mining Companies José Correa and Andrés León, Sernageomin, Chile
Session 4: Chemical Stability of Mine Wastes
(ENG) Ion Exchange Resistant GCLs for Exposed Liners and Capping for Mine Closure Michael Donovan, Minerals Technologies, USA; and Dennis Wind and Barbara Gebka, CETCO, USA
(SPA) Waste Rock Dumps and Tailings Facility Cover Depth Definition Using Numerical Models Fernanda Baladrón, Kevin Vidal, José Miguel Espinoza and Arnaldo Santander, Golder, Chile; and Gabriel López, Minera Alumbrera, Glencore, Argentina
(ENG) Reducing Uncertainties of Coverage Systems for Mine Waste Closure: Design and Modelling Carla Gonçalves, Luanna Di Guimarães, Lucas Fonseca and Karin Formigoni, Arcadis, Brazil; and Mauricio Gómez, Arcadis, Chile
(SPA) Challenges of Chemical Stability Analysis for Mine Closure May-Lin Almendras and Carolina Gómez, Arcadis, Chile
(SPA) Use of Mineral Resource Estimation Methods for NAG/PAG Waste-Rock Material Management Óscar Benavente, Joled Nur and Lilian Valdebenito, SRK Consulting, Chile; and Francois Swanepoel and Yerko Delgado, Salares Norte, Gold Fields, Chile
(SPA) Pilot-Scale Experiments of Waste Rock Cover Systems to Support Mine Closure Planning Sheyla Palomino, Pablo Quesada, Alonso Huamán, Mariel Samanez, Melitza Cornejo-La Torre, Miguel Mendoza and Eduard Ruiz, Amphos 21, Peru; and María Medina and José Ruiz, Independent Mining Consultant, Peru
Session 5: Closure of Tailings Deposits
(ENG) De-Characterization and Closure of TSF: Concepts of the Brazilian Legislation and International Criteria Débora Schaper, Ricardo Lessa and Antônio Freitas, Golder, Brazil; and Björn Weeks, Golder, Canada
(ENG) Structured Decision-Making: Tailings to Landform Design for the Closure of Legacy Tailings Storage Facilities Sasha Schuck and Terry Braun, SRK Consulting, USA; and Rahul Peroor and Trevor Chesal, BHP, USA
(ENG) Draindown Estimation Analysis from Tailings Facilities Depending On Modeling Approach Fernanda Baladrón, Kevin Vidal and José Espinoza, Golder, Chile
(SPA) Tailings Storage Facility Decommissioning and Closure in Consideration of Erosion Risks Neeltje Slingerland, Golder, Canada; Diego Barra, Golder, Chile; Chris Waygood, Golder, Australia; and Adam Auckland, Golder, Canada
Session 6: Mine Closure, Good Practices and Case Studies
(ENG) Globe Progress Pit Closure Planning Stephanie Hayton, Duncan Ross, Jeff Nyenhuis and Megan Williams, OceanaGold, New Zealand; Luke Matheson, PDP, New Zealand; Calvin Wu, Engineering Geology, New Zealand; and Will Olds and Paul Weber, Mine Waste Management, New Zealand
(ENG) Innovative Passive Mine Water Treatment Case Studies Ryan Schipper, Golder, Peru; and Eric Blumenstein, Neal Gallagher and Paige Pruisner, Golder, USA
(ENG) Passive Treatment for Elevated Iron and Arsenic in Circum - Neutral Mine Affected Water Stephanie Hayton, Duncan Ross, Jeff Nyenhuis, Megan Williams and Mark Clarke, OceanaGold, New Zealand; Dave Trumm, Verum Group, New Zealand; Will Olds and Paul Weber, Mine Waste Management, New Zealand; and Travis Horton, University of Canterbury, New Zealand
(ENG) Recovery of Byproducts from Pit Lake Waters John Schubert, Chloe Grabowski and Julie Horan, HDR, USA; and Sriram Ananthanarayan, BHP, USA
(ENG) Mine Closure - Special Civil Engineering for Effective and Permanent Closure of Mines Peter Banzhaf, BAUER Spezialtiefbau, Germany
Session 7: Post Closure Land Use
(ENG) Feasibility Evaluation of Mining Post-Closure Uses Using Risk-Based Management Methodology Fernanda Guabiroba, Alexandre Matos and Alessandro Nepomuceno, Kinross Brasil Mineração, Brazil; Ana Taveira, Hace Consultoria Assessoria e Treinamento, Brazil; Solange Sánchez, Baturité Consultoria, Brazil; and Luis Sánchez, University of São Paulo, Brazil
(ENG) Multi-Criteria Decision Approach to Support Selection of Post Closure Land Use Antônio Freitas and Ricardo Lessa, Golder, Brazil
(SPA) The Challenges of Sustainable Use of Abandoned Underground Flooded Mines as Geothermal Resources Ramón Díaz, Universidad de Concepción, Chile; and Paulino Fernández and Lorena Álvarez, Universidad de Oviedo, Spain
(ENG) Thinking Beyond Closure: Why Bother? Anna Littleboy, Guy Boggs, Glen Corder, Fiona Haslam-McKenzie, Bruce Kelley, Jason Kirby and Bryan Maybee, Sustainable Minerals Institute, The University of Queensland, Australia
(ENG) Mining as a Temporary Land Use: A Global Scoping Project on Transitions and Repurposing Sarah Holcombe and Julia Keenan, Sustainable Minerals Institute, The University of Queensland, Australia
Session 8: Post-Closure, Monitoring and Maintenance
(ENG) Satellite InSAR Applications for Long-Term Displacement Monitoring of Closed Sites Jonas von Ruette, Jaime Corredor and David Holden, 3vGeomatics, Canada
(SPA) Evaluation of the Terrestrial Vegetation Bioaccumulative Effect on the Trifolium Repens "Clover" and Calamagrostis Sp. "Ichu" Species in Abandoned Mining Areas Lizardo Cahuana and Osvaldo Aduvire, SRK Consulting, Peru
(ENG) Assessment of the Erosional Performance of a Semi-Arid Rehabilitated Mine Site and Development of a Predictive Model Jon Pelletier and Nathan Abramson, University of Arizona, USA; Terry Braun, David Ludwick and Rahul Peroor, SRK Consulting, USA; Satya Chataut, BHP, USA; and Evan Howard, Landloch Pty, Australia
(ENG) Developing Geomorphic Design Guidelines for Closure Landforms at the Mount Polley Mine James Ogilvie, Rowland Atkins and Katy de Rego, Golder, Canada; and Gabriel Holmes, Mount Polley Mining Corporation, Canada
Session 9: Reclamation and Rehabilitation
(SPA) Pilot Restoration Project in Lomas Ecosystems for the purpose of Closing the Operations of the Cristina Quarry Julio César and Marisela Huamán, J. Cesar Ingenieros & Consultores, Peru; and David Cueto and Juan Carlos Mesías, UNACEM, Peru
(ENG) Reclamation and Soil Coverage Assessment through Satellite Imagery Silmara Silva, Fernanda Guabiroba, Alexandre Araújo, Alexandre Matos, Osmar Ferreira and Alessandro Nepomuceno, Kinross Brasil Mineração, Brazil; and Kele Craveiro and Vinicius Rissoli, Santiago & Cintra Consultoria, Brazil
(ENG) Indigenous Groups, Mined Land Rehabilitation and Mine Closure: Exploring the Australian Terrain Rodger Barnes, Sarah Holcombe and Joni Parmenter, Sustainable Minerals Institute, The University of Queensland, Australia
(ENG) Remediation of the Former ASARCO Smelter Site, El Paso, Texas, USA Scott Brown and Robert Mongrain, Arcadis, USA; and Roberto Puga, PathForward Consulting, USA
Session 10: Economic Evaluation and Funding Of Closure Plans
(ENG) Importance of Asset Closure Planning in the Long-Term Viability of a Mining Business Jussara Januário and Fabiano Mendanha, Vale, Brazil
(SPA) Review of Financial aspects of Chile´s Mine Closure Law: Challenges and Proposals Jorge Brower, Paulina Riquelme and Ignacio Funes, Eelaw, Chile