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Available from Monday, November 2 at 08:00 AM (UTC-3)
Session 1: Thickening
(SPA) The Impact of High Salinity and Seawater on Aggregate Structures in Clay Tailings Flocculation Ricardo Jeldres, Universidad de Antofagasta, Chile; Tony Yang, Allan Costine and Phillip Fawell, CSIRO Mineral Resources, Australia; John Bellwood, Basf plc, UK
(ENG) Modernization of Chinalco Toromocho Copper Tailings Thickeners Jerold Johnson and Javier Vizcarra, WesTech Engineering, USA and Peru
(SPA) Evaluation of the Effects of Climate Change on Water Infiltration on Thickened Tailings in the Atacama Region Alonso Arriagada, José Riquelme and Tiaren García-Pérez, SRK Consulting, Chile
(SPA) Audit of the World´s Largest Thickening System: Findings and Recommendations for Improvement David Benavente, Daisy Aguilar, David Romo, Lars Martinson, Paterson & Cooke Chile SpA; Rodrigo Aravena, Julio Barraza, Minera Escondida Limitada, Chile
(ENG) Improvements in High Density Thickening Fred Schoenbrunn, Craig Gilbert, Francisco Reyes, Chad McCleary, FLSmidth, USA
Session 2: Filtration
(ENG) Development and Testing of the World´s Largest Capacity Tailings Filter Press Todd Wisdom, Reuben Neumann and James Chaponnel, FLSmidth, USA
(ENG) Simulation of Tailings Filtration Performance Jason Palmer, Metso-Outotec, Australia
(ENG) High Production for Filtered Tailings and Treated Water José Carlos Brum, Vinicius Vilela and Marcello Salvate, Matec, Brazil and Italy
(ENG) High Capacity Dewatering Plants Davide Cavalli, Idemilson Fritzke and Francesco Kaswalder, Aqseptence Group, Italy and Brazil
Session 3: Transportation
(SPA) Inline Characterization of Mining Slurries by Ultrasonic Velocity Profile Technique (UVP) William Montes-Quiroz, Pamela Garrido and Cesar Moscoso, Centro de Investigación JRI, Chile
(ENG) Design of Booster Stations for Paste Backfill and the Implementation at Hindustan Zinc’s Rampura Agucha Mine Chris Lee, Golder Associates, Canada; Sufal Mehrotra, Hindustan Zinc Limited, Rampura Agucha, India
(ENG) Paste and Thickened Tailings Transportation Design Aspects Overview Sadegh Javadi, Behnam Pirouz, ATC Williams, Australia; Paul Slatter, Sheridan College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, Australia
(ENG) Design Review for a Distributed Tailings Deposition System Ignacio Bazán, Paterson & Cooke, United Kingdom
(SPA) Comparative Study of Non-Newtonian Thickened Tailings in Function of Recovered Water for a Specific Energy Consumption Cristian Riquelme, Hatch, Chile
Session 4: Backfill
(ENG) An Experimental Study on the Hindered Settling Properties of Backfill Tailings Particles Peng Xiaopeng, Yang Xiaocong and Guo Lijie, Beijing General Research Institute of Mining and Metallurgy and National Center for International Joint Research on Green Metal Mining, China
(ENG) An Experimental Study on the Strength Distribution of Cemented Tailings Backfill Chen Xinzheng, Yang Xiaocong, Peng Xiaopeng and Guo Lijie, Beijing General Research Institute of Mining and Metallurgy and National Center for International Joint Research on Green Metal Mining, China
(ENG) Use of Paste Fill on Cycle at Turmalina Mine Jessica Santana, Jaguar Mining, Brazil
Session 5: Geothecnical Aspects
(ENG) Development of a New Large Calibration Chamber for Testing Thickened Tailings with the Cone Penetration Test Juan Ayala, Andries Fourie and David Reid, The University of Western Australia
(ENG) Geotechnical Tailings Characterization from Cuiabá Mine to Support a Dry Stacking Disposal Design in Cuiabá Dam Rodrigo Zorzal, Walm Engenharia e Tecnologia Ambiental, Brazil; Márcio Masur, AngloGold Ashanti, Brazil; and Jaime Pinheiro, AngloGold Ashanti, South Africa
(ENG) Evaluation of the Susceptibility of Filtered Iron Ore Tailings from the Iron Quadrangle (Brazil) to Liquefaction Aline Marques, Stefania Oliveira, Brahmani Paes, Ian Paes and André Coelho, DF+ Engenharia Geotécnica e Recursos Hídricos, Geotechnical Engineering, Brazil
Session 6: Operational Experiences and Study Cases
(SPA) Experience with Geotextile Tubes in Mining Tailings Storage: Gran Colombia Gold Segovia Boris García, Erwin Wolff, Juan Valderrama and Johanna Valbuena, Gran Colombia Gold Segovia, Colombia
(ENG) Commission and Operation Experiences of Two Thickened Tailings Facilities Thord Wennberg and Anna Stalnacke, Luossavaara-Kiirunavaara AB, Sweden; Anders Sellgren, Lulea University of Technology, Sweden
(ENG) Integrated Disposal of Paste Backfill and Surface High-concentration Tailings Stacking at Chambishi Copper Mine Aixiang Wu, Zhuen Ruan, Yiming Wang, Shaoyong Wang, Cuiping Li and Yong Wang, University of Science and Technology Beijing, China
(ENG) Tailings Transfer with Positive Displacement Pumps: Piston v/s Piston-Diaphragm Pumps José Magán, Unai Gamboa, ABEL Equipos SA, Chile
(SPA) Technical and Economic Evaluation of Tailings Dewatering Circuits in the Largest Copper Mines Cristian Zamorano, Fernanda Vera, Iván Sánchez, Sergio Ramírez and Cristian Garrido, Fluor, Chile
(SPA) Geotechnical Characterization and Stability Analysis: Thickened Tailings Deposit (TTD), Minera Centinela Rodrigo Gutiérrez, Minera Centinela, Antofagasta Minerals, Chile
Session 7: Emerging Developments
(ENG) Centrifuges: The Alternative Technology Robert Klug, Flottweg SE, Germany and Nils Schwarz, Schwarz Global Consulting, South Africa
(ENG) Real Time Monitoring of Infiltration and Contamination from Paste Tailing Site Aharon Ran, Sensoil Innovation, Israel; Ofer Dahan, Zuckerberg Institute for Water Research, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel; and Nicolás Pérez, Nicolaides Industrial, Chile
(SPA) Surface Cracking in Thickened Tailings: Mechanisms and its Influence on Evaporation and Water Contents Evelyn Arredondo, Víctor Araya and Gonzalo Suazo, Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, Chile
(SPA) Monitoring of Moisture Content in Paste Tailings Using Hyperspectral Cameras Monserrat Sánchez, Victor Araya and Gonzalo Suazo, Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, Chile
Session 8: Surface Disposal and Rheology
(SPA) Tailings Rheology Variability Study and Tailings Parameter Correlations David Romo, David Benavente, Paterson & Cooke, Chile; and Andrés Palma, Codelco VP, Chile
(ENG) Dewatering Polymer Application in an Iron Ore Tailings Dam Frederic Braga and Junio Pereira, Anglo American, Brazil; Raymond Guang, Golder, Canada; Jorge Davo, Basf, Brazil
(ENG) Comparison between Linear and Central Distribution System for Thickened Tailings Stacking Behnam Pirouz, Sadegh Javadi and Keith Seddon, ATC Williams, Australia
(ENG) Integrating Site Conditions, Rate of Rise and Deposition Sequence to Beach Slope Estimations for High Thickened Tailings Tomás Errázuriz and Alexis González, Wood, Chile