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Pre-Conference Activities
Virtual Technical Course 1 | Free Access for Registered Participants to The Conference
Tailings Geotechnics
Jorge Macedo, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA; Jonathan Bray, University of California Berkeley, USA; Scott Olson, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, USA; Christopher Bareither, Colorado State University, USA
Pre-Conference Activities
Virtual Technical Course 2 | Free Access for Registered Participants to The Conference
Smart Solutions: Artificial Intelligence for Tailings Characterization
Tatiana Barreto dos Santos and Fernanda Yamaguchi Matarazzo, Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto, Brazil
Pre-Conference Activities
Virtual Technical Course 3 | Free Access for Registered Participants to The Conference
Use of CPTu and Laboratory Testing in the Design of Tailings Storage Facilities
Gonzalo Suazo and Jaime Musso, Universidad Técnica Federico Santa Maria, Chile
08:00 - 08:30 Welcome Coffee
Session 1: Geotechnics and Dam Safety 1
Moderator: Jorge Macedo, Associate Professor, Frederick Olmsted Professorship, Georgia Tech, USA
Session 2: Thickened and Paste Tailings
Moderator: Harold Bolaños, Dam Engineer, Minera Los Pelambres, Antofagasta Minerals, Chile
Day 1 Program Update
Day 1 Program Update
Numerical Simulation of the Deformation History of a Large Rockfill Tailings Dam

Carlo Bermudez, Juan Valdivia, Rolando Rojas and Carlos Huaman, WSP, Peru

Slurry Fluidity, an Additional Design Parameter for High Density Thickeners

David Minson, MinTecProcess C&M, Canada

Main Considerations for Planning a Large-Scale Triaxial Test on Coarse Granular Materials

Alan Figueroa and César Ahumada, Stantec, Chile; Danae Momberg, IDIEM, Chile

An Innovation in Paste Thickening

Fred Schoenbrunn, Antonio Accioly and Craig Gilbert, FLSmidth, USA; Francisco Reyes, FLSmidth, Chile

The Behaviour of a Tailing Storage Facility (TSF) in 2D and 3D Stability Analyses

André Lima, TPF Engenharia, Brazil; Alfredo Nunes, TPF Consultores de Engenharia e Arquitetura, Portugal; Raphael Rodrigues and Virginie Pinto, Vale, Brazil

Thickened Tailings Deposits in Chile, a Perspective from Operational Control

José Farfán and Bruno Espinace, GA Consultores, Chile

Dam Experimental Excavation Back-Analysis: Safety Assessment in Iron Ore Tailings Dam

Nilthson Noreña, Thatyane Gonçalves, Keitiane Coimbra and Frank Pereira, Vale, Brazil

Enhancing the Performance of a Tailings Thickener Following the Upgrade of the Feed System

Vahid Hassanzadeh and Brandt Henriksson, Metso, Australia; Ochirbal Bolookhuu, Freeport McMoRan, USA

Comparative Analysis of Laboratory Test Methods Used for Dry Stack Projects Field Control

João Silva, Géssica Pereira, Isabela Bernardes, Hely Bertozo and Inácio Carvalho, Vale, Brazil

Parameters and Considerations for Thickening and Filtration System Design – Copper Tailings

Guido Huillca, Gerardo Gonzales, Hugo Escalante and Sherily Valencia, WSP, Peru

10:20 - 11:00 Coffee-Break and Poster Session
Session 3: Geotechnics and Dam Safety 2
Moderator: Emilio López, Senior Geotechnical Engineer, Nava Consulting, Chile
Session 4: Filtered and Dewatering Tailings 1
Moderator: Christian Ihle, Innovation Manager, Shimin Ingeniería, Chile
Cyclic Response of Filtered Iron Ore Tailings Determined from Cyclic Simple Shear Tests

Roberto Santos, Federal University of Viçosa, Brazil; João Silva and Bruno Delgado, Vale, Brazil; Michéle Casagrande, University of Brasilia, Brazil

Guidelines for Stacking Dewatered Tailings

Christopher Olsen, FLSmidth, USA

The Vane Shear Test in Mine Tailings

Iván Contreras, Jason Harvey and Dafar Obeidat, Barr Engineering Company, USA

Tailings Disposal Using Confinement and Dewatering Technique with Geotextile Tubes

Eduardo Guanaes, Lizeth Ardila and Giselle Vega, Huesker, Brazil

Methodology to Incorporate Climate Change and Snow Line Variations for Dam Design Flows Estimation

Pablo Chong, Felipe Orellana, HIDRICA Consultores, Chile, Carlos Garrido, SMI Ingenieros, Chile; and Jimmy Jorquera, Ministerio de Obras Públicas, Chile

Installation and Commissioning of the Filter Press GHT5000F Domino: Data, Optimisations and Lessons Learned

Stefano Mantovani, Diemme Filtration, Italy; Idemilson Fritzke, Aqseptence Group, Brazil

Strategy to Define a Geotechnical Instrumentation Plan to Monitor Tailings Storage Facilities

Carlos Catripán, Roberto Gesche, Universidad de Chile; Karina Monsalve, Gullibert Novoa, SERNAGEOMIN, Chile; and Raúl Fuentes, RWTH Aachen University, Alemania

CAPEX and OPEX Depending on Tailing Properties: Two Case Studies

Jurgen Hahn, BOKELA, Germany

Influence of Rapid Drawdown on the Safety Analysis of Earth Dams for Tailings Containment

Darym Campos, Denis Costa, Francisco Rodrigues, Progen, Brazil; Thiago Morandini, Federal Center for Technological Education of Minas Gerais (CEFET), Brazil; Fernanda Sol and Paulo Gomide, Vale, Brazil

Proposal for Guidelines on Tailings Pile Disposal: Detailing the Hypothetical Rupture Studies

Elaine Soares, Waldemar Felitti, Fernando Aguilar, Vicente Mello, Alex Castro and Luiz Vilas Bôas, AECOM, Brazil

12:40 - 14:10 Lunch
Session 5: Dam Break Analysis
Moderator: Katherine Ascencio, Tailings Superintendent, Compañía Minera del Pacífico, CMP, Chile
Session 6: Innovations and Operational Experiences 1
Moderator: Luis Paredes, Regional Principal Specialist in Geotechnical & Tailings, Ausenco, Chile
Good Practices for the Elaboration of Hypothetical Dam Break Studies (HDBS) in Brazil

Caique Costa, Fernando Aguilar, Mônica Almeida, Vicente Mello and Rui Feijão Junior, AECOM, Brazil

Deep Seabed Semi Consolidated Tailings Deposition (DSP-RSC)
Juan Rayo and Waldo Aracena, CIMS-JRI, Chile
A Probabilistic Methodology for Dam Break Analysis of Tailings Dams and Its Comparison to Current Methods – Validation

Francisco Moyano, Federico Giurich and Ignacio Ezama, SRK Consulting, Argentina

Near Closure Tailings Management Challenges: Sossego Mine, Brazil
Juliano Ferreira, Henrique Guerzoni, João da Costa, Felipe Barbosa, Carlos Lima, Gustavo Belotto and José Wanderley, Vale, Brazil
Influence of the Rheology on the Runout in Failure of Tailings Dams with Complex Terrain
Bastián Valdivia and Ignacio Fuenzalida, Universidad de Talca, Chile
Collaborating with Stakeholders to Transform Tailings into Valuable Resources for Other Industries

Stuart Sandler, Circular Mine, USA; Leonardo Brescia, BPlus, Chile; Enoc Quinoñes, Grupo Brauth, Chile; and Michael Ingwersen, Circular Mine, Australia

Hydrograph Approximation Analysis for Tailings Dam Failures through 2D Modeling

Juana María Canavessi, Francisco Moyano and Ignacio Ezama, SRK Consulting, Argentina

A Benchmark on In-Pit Tailings Disposal

Alix Becerra, Rodrigo Araya, Claudio Román, Sebastián Cisternas and Jimena Cofré, Ausenco, Chile

Influence of Dam Materiality on the Response to Overtopping-Triggered Failures
Misael Carrillo, Jose Farfán and Bruno Espinace, GA Consultores, Chile
Hydraulic Dewatered Stacking: Delivering Desaturated Tailings Management Without the Capital Cost of Filtration
Phil Newman and Auel Kulmagambetova, Anglo American, United Kingdom; Andrea López, Anglo American, Chile; Mark Bruton, WSP, United Kingdom
15:50 - 16:10 Coffee-Break and Poster Session
Session 7: Technologies and Instrumentation for Monitoring and Surveillance 1
Moderator: Cristóbal Binvignat, General Manager, DLS-Binar, Chile
Session 8: Rheological and Chemical Aspects
Moderator: Jacques Wiertz, Associate Professor, Universidad de Chile
Automated Geoelectrical Monitoring to Assess Structural Integrity of TSF in Real-Time: Case Studies

Greta Tresoldi, LSI LASTEM, Italy; Azadeh Hojat, Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman, Iran; Luigi Zanzi, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Evaluation of the Interference of Tailings Disposal in the Periquito and Onça Pits on the Water Quality of Drainage Wells – Itabira Complex, Mg.

Thiago Manzini, Vale, Brazil; Thiago Silva and Jose Neto, Watergeo Solutions, Brazil

Assumptions and Methodology for Preparing Conceptual Detection Models for Doppler Radars

Eduardo Jardim, Lucely Gonçalves and Lucas Esteves, Vale, Brazil

Characterization Differences Between Iron Tailings from Mines of the Iron Quadrangle and the Carajás Complex

Danilo Eloi, Pedro Louzada and Rodney Silva, Vale, Brazil

Unconventional Seismic Signatures in Tailings Dams

Matheus Cunha, Tainã Oliveira, Felipe Jesus, Daniel Coelho and Lorena Oliveira, Tetra Tech South America, Brazil; Milena Matos, Alonso Nolasco, Carlos Gomes and Luciano Assis, Vale, Brazil

Sedimentation Rate in Cyclone Sands

Jorge Casanova and Camila Casal, SHIMIN Ingeniería, Chile

Main Challenges in Implementing a Microseismic Monitoring in Mining Dams: A Case Study

Luiz Santos, Beatriz Friguetto and Frederico Juliano, Vale, Bazil

Effect of Degree of Turbidity and Particle Size on Inclined Element Settler Modelling
Cristian Reyes, Universidad de Chile; Cristóbal Arratia, KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Stockholm University, Sweden; and Christian Ihle, SHIMIN Ingeniería, Chile
Piezocone Test Monitoring on an Upstream Dam

Isabelle Silva, Samuel Tarazona and Frank Pereira, Vale, Brazil


The Importance of Early-Stage Geochemical Characterization for Mine Waste and Tailings Management
Claudina González, Ignacio Ezama, Fernando Pantuzzo and Thiago Toussaint, SRK Consulting, Argentina
17:50 - 18:10 Coffee-Break and Poster Session
Inaugural Ceremony
Welcome Words
  • Mimy Mackenzie, Conference Manager, Gecamin, Chile
  • Hugo Quelopana, Tailings 2024 Program Director; Engineering Manager, Gestiona Consultores, Chile
  • Gonzalo Suazo, Tailings 2024 Co-Organizer; Assistant Professor of the Department of Civil Works, Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, Chile
  • Jorge Macedo, Tailings 2024 Co-Organizer; Frederick Olmsted Early Career Professor on Geosystems Engineering, Georgia Tech, TAILENG, USA
  • Lucas Deleon, Tailings 2024 Co-Organizer; Professor, Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto, Brazil
  • Paulo Pacheco, Ambassador of Brazil in Chile, Embassy of Brazil
Opening Talk - Tailings Management: Collaboration, Achievements and Challenges
Geraldo Paes, Corporate Geotechnical Director, Vale, Brazil
19:30 - 21:00 Welcome Reception
08:00 - 08:30 Welcome Coffee
Session 9: Geotechnics and Dam Safety 3
Moderator: José Tomás Errázuriz, Project Specialist Engineer, División El Teniente, Codelco, Chile
Session 10: Filtered and Dewatering Tailings 2
Moderator: Guido Huillca, Senior Mechanical-Piping Engineer, WSP, Peru
Day 2 Program Update
Day 2 Program Update
Enhancing Tailings Liquefaction Stability Using Fibers

Carlos Suárez, Hugo Blanco and Jesús Laine, ArcelorMittal Global R&D, Spain; Michael Rees, ArcelorMittal Mining, United Kingdom

A Characterization of Flotation Iron Ore Filtered Tailings

Matheus Muniz, Rodolfo Neves and Andréa Portes, Vale, Brazil; Vinicius Assis, Progen, Brazil

Conformance Analysis of GISTM Requirement 7.2: A Case Study on a Chilean Tailings Dam
Javier Ubilla, Gail Riddell and Emilio López, Nava Consulting, Chile
Hydrocyclone Classification for Ceramic Vacuum Disc Filtration of Discrete Tailings Streams
Cameron Stockman, Victoria Cranston and Roberto Fortunato, CEC Mining Systems, Canada
New Approach to Seismic Coefficient Assessment for Tailings Facility Analysis: A Case Study
Luis Ríos and Julio Tejo, WSP, Chile; Marcelo Martínez, WSP, Argentina; Alan Hull, WSP, USA
Experimental Landfill of Filtered Iron Ore Flotation Tailings at Minas-Rio System
Daniela Amorim, Laís Silva, Felipe Rezende, Thales Nicoli, Anglo American, Brazil; Uilian Albino, Fernando Saliba, TEC3 Geotecnia e Recursos Hídricos, Brazil; and Paulo Franca, F&Z Consultoria e Projetos, Brazil
A Case Study – Seismic Liquefaction Potential Assessment by Artificial Neural Networks (ANN)
Marjan Oboudi and Rafael Dávila, Hatch, Canada
Saving Water & Tailing Dam Space for Mines - Centrifuge Technology to Recover Process Water from Tailings

Eric Gentis, Stephen Benyo, Guillermo Flores and Dustin Miller, Flottweg, USA; Jose Luis Conteras and Gabriel Rodrigues, Flottweg Mexico; Robert Klug, Flottweg, Germany

Challenges in the Risk Assessment Activity
Manuel Cortés, Emilio López, Fabián Olea and Karla Burgos, Nava Consulting, Chile
Alternate Approach for the Development of Dry Stack Tailings Facilities

Luciano Piciacchia, José Antonio Vides, BBA, Canada; and Rodrigo Zapata, BBA, Chile

10:20 - 11:00 Coffee-Break and Poster Session
Plenary Session 1
Moderator: Luis Valenzuela, Geotechnical Consultant, Chile
Plenary Session Sponsor
Freeport-McMoRan’s Implementation of the Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management
Tamara Johndrow, Director Tailings & Water, Freeport-McMoRan, USA
Governance and Management Implications for New Environmental Regulation in Tailings Design and Operation
Gonzalo Sotomayor, Head of Civil, Tailings and Closure Specialties, Arcadis Chile; and Jorge Avila, Compliance Officer Chile Peru, Arcadis, Chile
12:00 - 12:20 Short Break
Plenary Session 2
Moderator: Gonzalo Suazo, Assistant Professor, Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, Chile
Governance Foundations for Tailings Management: The Experience and Results of Las Bambas
Edgar Quiroz, Tailings and Water Manager, Minera Las Bambas, MMG, Peru
Relationships between incident, failure, risk tolerance and ALARP
Silvana Dal Pozzo, Tailings Principal, BHP, Chile and Jerónimo Covacevich, Global Practice Lead Tailings, BHP, Chile
13:20 - 14:50 Lunch
Session 11: Governance 1
Moderator: Bruno Espinace, General Manager, Geotecnia Ambiental, Chile
Session 12: Innovations and Operational Experiences 2
Moderator: Rafael Dávila, Global Director Tailings & Mine Waste, Hatch, Canada
Tailings Management System (TMS): Can Only Be Effective with Wider Collaboration

Anjan Kundu, GHD, Australia

Applicability of Digital Twins in Tailings Storage Facilities
Álvaro Veizaga and Samuel Cuellar, Arcadis, Chile
Hydraulic Safety for Mining Dams: Good Practices
Fernando Aguilar, Luane Monteiro, Manuelle Pereira, Vicente Mello, Caique Costa and Rafael Boaventura AECOM, Brazil
PSInSAR Based Deformation Monitoring of Tailings Dam: The Case Study of the Sebinkarahisar, Gümüshane, Türkiye

Mahmut Cavur, Kadir Has University, Turkey; Sebnem Duzgun, Colorado School of Mines, USA


Quality Management Challenges in Tailings Dams: GISTM Analysis and Chilean Insights
Luis González, WSP, Chile; and José Mello, NeoGeo Consult, Chile
Validation of Innovative Digital Management Tools for Tailings Storage Facilities at OceanaGolds Waihi Operation
Pieter Neethling, Seequent, New Zealand; Ignacio Torresi and Marina Trevizolli and Julia Oliveira Seequent, Chile; Andre Alipate, OceanaGold, New Zealand
Relevance of Information Management for Tailings Dam Governance
Gabriela Drumond, Gustavo Oliveira and Manoela Araújo, Vale, Brazil
Challenges to Use Old Open Pit as Tailing Storage Facility

Jhury Andrade and Harry Silva, Minsur, Peru

Analysis of GISTM Requirements as Failure Risk Controls for Tailings Storage Facilities
Danielle Menezes, Tatiana Santos and Hernani Mota de Lima, Federal University of Ouro Preto, Brazil
From Point Solutions to Predictive Power: How Machine Learning Can Revolutionize Tailings Management
Ryan Hunter, Zaman Forootan and Daniel Molina, Hatch, Canada
16:30 - 16:50 Coffee Break and Poster Session
Session 13: Technologies and Instrumentation for Monitoring and Surveillance 2
Moderator: Camilo Morales, Senior Geotechnics and Tailings Consultant, SRK Consulting, Chile
Session 14: Tailings Closure Management
Moderator: Carlos Salinas, General Manager, Paterson & Cooke, Chile
InSAR Rapid TSF Monitoring Service: Frequent Decision-Taken Geotechnical Updates
Javier Duro, Rubén Iglesias, Dani Monells, Eduard Makhoul, Nieves Pasqualotto, Giuseppe Centolanza, Luis Yam, Gerard Ruiz, Albert Gili, Azadeh Faridi, Marc Palmada and Hernán Zapata, DARES Technology, Spain
Numerical Modelling of the Decommissioning Phases of a Tailings Dam
Juliana Meza, Progen, Brazil; Nilthson Noreña and Frank Pereira, Vale, Brazil; Luísa Araújo and Rafael Carvalhais, Dam Engineering Projects, Brazil; Thiago Bretas, TBretas, Brazil
Improvements in Tailings Storage Facilities Monitoring: Lessons learned in the use of Topographic Prisms

Ramón Nazar and Gonzalo Rojo, Delfing, Chile; Hugo Quelopana, Gestiona Consultores, Chile

Challenges of the Tailings Dam Decommissioning in Brazil
Gino Vizcarra, Thatyane Gonçalves, Ricardo Ramos, Renata Araujo and Frank Pereira, Vale, Brazil
Advances in Instrumentation for Efficient Management and Technologies to Identify Seepage Under and around Tailings
Arturo Fahrenkrog, Jaime Magna, David Opazo, GeoMediciones HydraMetrix, Chile
From Tacit to Explicit: Remote Operator Development Training for Enhanced Performance in Dam Closure
Luana Araujo, Larissa Rezende, Thatyane Gonçalves and Frank Pereira, Vale, Brazil; Samira Lima and Marcelle La Guardia, Situated Consultancy and Research, Brazil
XRF-CPT Based Resource Estimation of Mine Tailings Potential for Raw Materials
Eugen Martac and Katarzyna Staniewska Fugro, Germany
Case Study: An Upstream Raised Dam Decharacterization in Iron Quadrangle, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Victor Rocha and Marcia Palhares, Vale, Brazil; Henrique Pereira, Progen, Brazil
Best Practices in Tailings Dam Safety: Learning from Brazil Geotechnical Monitoring and Automatic Siren Activation

Samuel Carneiro, Vale, Brazil; Marcella Garcia and Fernanda Kunoh, Ausenco, Brazil; Claudio Román, Ausenco, Chile

Innovating Dam Closure: A Case Study of Remote-Controlled Equipment for Enhanced Safety and Efficiency
Luana Araujo, Thatyane Gonçalves, Larissa Rezende and Frank Pereira, Vale, Brazil
18:30 - 20:00 Networking Cocktail
08:00 - 08:30 Welcome Coffee
Session 15: Geotechnics and Dam Safety 4
Moderator: Paulo Oróstegui, Gerente General Corporativo, OITEC, Chile
Session 16: Filtered and Dewatering Tailings 3
Moderator: Sergio Barrera, Tailings Consultant, Delfing, Chile
Day 3 Program Update
Day 3 Program Update
About Seismic Acceleration Coefficient for Pseudo-Static Analyses
Felipe Cruz, Gabriel SantAna, Marina Secco and Vinícius Queiroga, DF+ Engenharia, Brazil
Testing the Filtration Performance of Tailings
Carlos Suárez, Aida Vega, Gloria González and Ana Fernández, ArcelorMittal Global R&D, Spain
The Critical State Line Parameters of Iron Ore Tailings from Basic Laboratory Tests
José Ccotohuanca, National University of Engineering, Peru; Vinicius Lanza and Isabella Costa, Federal University of Ouro Preto, Brazil
Cyclone Sand Dewatering with Metso Screens
Jason Palmer, Metso, Australia; Einari Ojala, Metso, Chile; Hilario Gorvenia, Metso, Peru
Geotechnical and Operational Control to Reuse Tailings - Case TSF B2 San Rafael Unit Mining
Elizabeth Narciso and Harry Silva, Minsur, Peru
Tailings Treatment by Hydro-Dewatering Equipment
Atilio Astete and Héctor Avendaño, Eral, Chile
A Review of CTP-Based Soil Classification Correlations Applied to Mine Tailings
Camilo Morales, Andres Gavidia and Carolina Palma, SRK Consulting, Chile
Tailings Handling with Geobags for Dewatering Iron Fine Tailings: An Operational and Geotechnical Approach
Victor Bretas, André Viana, Flaviano Lucas, Jeter Luiz, Thiago Diniz, Vanderlei Leal and Vanderlúcio Ferreira, Vale, Brazil

Hydraulic Dewatered Stacking (HDS): Effects of Fines Content in the Drainage Performance of the Sands

Phil Newman, Andrea López, Anglo American, Chile; Nicolás Bustamante, Jaime Musso and Gonzalo Suazo, Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, Chile

10:20 - 11:00 Coffee-Break and Poster Session
Plenary Session 3
Moderator: René Orellana, Corporate Manager of Water, Tailings and Divisional Projects, Codelco, Chile
Evaluation of the Seismic Performance of Tailings Dams
Jorge Macedo, Frederick Olmsted Early Career Professor on Geosystems Engineering, Georgia Tech, TAILENG, USA
The Tailings Management System at Teck’s QB2 Mine
Sergio Valdebenito, Tailings Manager, Teck Resources, Chile
GISTM Implementation at Antofagasta Minerals: Success and Challenges
Rosa Figueroa, Tailings Technical Manager, Antofagasta Minerals, Chile in collaboration with Jorge Troncoso, Principal, BGC Engineering, Chile
12:30 - 14:00 Lunch
Session 17: Governance 2
Moderator: Daniela Rubilar, Researcher In Social Performance and Resource Governance, SMI-ICE, Chile
Session 18: Seepage and Water Management
Moderator: Andrea López-Schmidt, Principal Tailings Innovation, Anglo American, Chile
Methodology Proposal for Gap Assessment in GISTM Implementation
Maria José Zubieta, Bruno Espinace and Emilio Lorca, GA Consultores, Chile
Percolations in Iron Ore Tailings Hydraulically Disposed Under the Stress of a Future Tailings Pile

Danilo Eloi, Thiago Manzini and Miguel Paganin, Vale, Brazil

Experiences and Lessons Learned during the Evaluation of the ALARP Principle
David Hernández and Samuel Cuellar, Arcadis, Chile
Treatment of Mining Dam Effluent in a Natural Watercourse
Cristiane Sebastião, Mariana Duarte, Naiara Lima, Luiza Alvarenga and Rafaela Tacco, Vale, Brazil; Bruno Baêta, Federal University Of Ouro Preto, Brazil; Gustavo Gomes, Hector Luna and Diego Lima, Intelecto, Brazil
Enhancing Internal Controls and Governance in Tailings Management with the COSO Framework
André Winter and Poliana Menezes, KPMG,Brazil
Advancing Water Stewardship in Tailings Management with Accelerated Mechanical Consolidation
Oscar Santiago and William McAdam, Phibion, Australia; Rafael Menezes, Phibion, Chile
RTFE: How this New Role has Improved Safety Governance for TSF
Victor Bretas, Raphael Rodrigues, Jeanne Castro, Marina Borges, Filipe Costa, Gustavo Marçal and Daniel Bastos, Vale, Brazil
Structural Characterization of a Variegated Clay from the Amazon, BR
Lucas Mendes and Tácio Campos, Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Elaine Barreto, Fluminense Federal University, Brazil; Mariana Motta, São Paulo State University, Brazil
Non-Conventional Tailings: The Reason Why
David Romo, Catalina Gómez, Leonardo Parraguez and Carlos Salinas, Paterson & Cooke, Chile
Water Recovery System of TSF Los Diques
Cristian Recabarren, Cía. Minera Contractual Candelaria, Chile; Alejandra Neira and Susana Cornejo, WSP, Chile
15:40 - 16:00 Coffee-Break and Poster Session
Session 19: Technologies and Instrumentation for Monitoring and Surveillance 3
Moderator: Jaime Musso, Researcher, Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, Chile
Session 20: Hydraulics and Transportation
Moderator: Gerardo Soto, Academic, Universidad de Chile
Miniaturization of Equipment for Cut-Off Wall and Soil Improvement Techniques for The Tailing Dam’s Upgrade
Esteban Venegas and Jaime Sobrino, BAUER Spezialtiefbau, Germany
Application of a Micropile System in the Spillway of a Dam in Quadrilátero Ferrífero

Bruna Varges, Progen, Brazil; Victor Rocha and Lucio Yamamoto, Vale, Brazil

A New Tool for Tailings Storage Facility Management: Insights from Archived Satellite Imagery
Veronique Nell, Daniel Ortiz and Marlin Arocha, PhotoSat, Canada
Comparison of Theoretical Models for Friction Loss in Laboratory-Pressurized Tailings Pipes

Guido Huillca, Edison López and Camila Saldaña, WSP, Peru

Fulfilling Sustainability GISTM Principles through a Digital Twin of Copper Mining TSF: Case Study
Waldo Fishwick, Paulo Fuentes and Iván Elgueta, Alaya Digital Solutions, Chile
Hydraulic Design of Simultaneously Operating Slimes Spigots
Guido Huillca, Fredy Capcha and Eduardo Saldivar, WSP, Peru
Experimental Study of the Geomechanically Behavior of Waste Rock and Mine Tailings Mixtures
Nicolás Bustamante, Gonzalo Suazo and Jaime Musso, Universidad técnica Federico Santa María, Chile
Advantages of Integrated Slurrification Equipment Compared to Traditional Methods for Tailings Transport
Guido Villamil, IHC Mining, The Netherlands
Bayesian Networks for Modeling and Statistical Prediction of the Instability of Tailing Dams
Nicolás Bórquez, Alejandra Álvarez, and Hengels Castillo, JRI Ingeniería, Chile; Sergio Palma, Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, Chile
Closure of the Decant Tunnel System in the TSF B3 – San Rafel Mining
Pablo Guzmán and Harry Silva, Minsur, Peru
17:40 - 19:00 Closing Ceremony and Farewell Toast
Poster Session
Improvement of a Biogeotechnical Process to Control Seepage from a Tailings Dam
Davor Cotoras, Constanza Marchant, Franco Cárdenas, Jorge Osman and Pabla Viedma, Universidad de Chile
The Role of the 3D Geological Model as Digital Twin in Modern Tailing Storage: The Case of Mount Polley TSF Failure
Lucas Torres and Ignacio Escudero, Seequent, Chile y Amanda Fuccio, Seequent, Brazil
Tailings Storage Alternatives Assessment in a Mine in Latin America
Santiago Pastine, Ignacio Ezama, María del Pilar Rico and Nicolás Alscher, SRK Consulting, Argentina
Co-Disposal Facilities: Aspects for Consideration in the Development of Integrated Mine Solutions
María del Pilar Rico, Ignacio Ezama and Diego Marrero, SRK Consulting, Argentina
The Role of Geotechnical Asset Maintenance in Monitoring Dams and Tailings Piles
Lucely Goncalves, Beatriz Friguetto, Samuel Silva, Waldir Azevedo Junior and Rodrigo Basílio, Vale, Brazil
Correlation of Stress-Strain Data with Ground-Based Radar Monitoring in Tailings Dams
Clíscia Silva, Felipe Guerra, Fabiane Silva, Keilla Xavier, Yngrid Ferreira and Frederico Juliano, Vale, Brazil
Technical Feasibility of the Combined Disposal of Waste Rock and Dewatered Mining Tailings
Javier Vergara, DRA Global, Chile; Kevinn Quiñones, DRA Global, Peru
Hydraulic Design of Simultaneously Operating Slurry Boxes
Guido Huillca, Piero Chávez, Alvaro Linares and Hyojan Huaman, WSP, Peru
Experimental Study of the Geomechanically Behavior of Waste Rock and Mine Tailings Mixtures

Nicolás Bustamante, Gonzalo Suazo and Jaime Musso, Universidad técnica Federico Santa María, Chile

Influence of Solids Concentration and Rheological Parameters on Head Loss in Tailings Transportation

Emilio León and Sergio Palma, Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, Chile

Estimation of Moisture Values in Tailings Deposits Using a Petrophysical Approach

Aaron Moya, Diana Comte, Leopoldo Córdova, Daniel Díaz and Brian Townley, Universidad de Chile; Adrien Dimech, École de Technologie Supérieure, Canada

Technical, Economic and Environmental Effects of Using Mine Tailings to Reduce Cement in 3D-Printable Concrete

Claudia Eugenin, Iván Navarrete and Wernher Brevis, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

Manufacture and Optimization of Artificial Aggregate Based on Geopolymers Made with Mine Tailings
Estefanía Loyola, Iván Navarrete and Álvaro Videla, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile