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Pre-Conference Activities
Virtual Technical Course 1 | Free Access for Registered to the Conference

"Introduction to Tailings Geochemistry Fundamentals Linked to Environmental and Geotechnical Impacts"

Sarah Doyle, Senior Geochemist, Itasca Denver, USA; Linda Figueroa, Professor, Colorado School of Mines, USA; Joseph Scalia IV, Associate Professor, Colorado State University, USA; and Christopher Bareither, Associate Professor, Colorado State University, USA

Pre-Conference Activities
Virtual Technical Course 2 | Free Access for Registered to the Conference

"Fundamentals of Tailings Geotechnics"

Jorge Macedo, Frederick Olmsted Early Career Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA: Chris Bareither, Associate Professor, Colorado State University, USA; Jonathan Bray, Professor, University of California Berkeley, USA; Scott Olson, Professor, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, USA. 

Session 1: Geotechnics I
Moderator: Jorge Macedo, Academic, Georgia Tech, TAILENG, EE.UU.
Session 2: Technologies and Instrumentation for Monitoring and Surveillance I
Moderator: Ricardo Valdebenito, General Manager, RV Ingenieros Asociados, Chile
Day 1 Program Update
Day 1 Program Update
New Approach to Estimate the Maximum Credible Earthquake (MCE) for Critical Mine Waste Facilities
Marcelo Martínez, WSP, Argentina; Donald Lowry and Alan Hull, WSP, USA
Seepage and Geotechnical Monitoring of Tailing Dams Using Integrated Distributed Fibre Optic Sensing Platforms
Saman Alkhaffaf, Silixa, United Kingdom and Fernando Reed, Silixa, Chile
Application of the Bray et al. Methodology for Seismic Coefficient Estimation for Tailings Dams Analysis in Chile
Luis Ríos, and Julio Tejo, WSP Chile and Pablo Galdeano, Anglo American, Chile
A Holistic Approach to Improve Tailings Dam Monitoring

Andrea Bartoli, Juan Perez, Xavi Vilajosana, Victor Salinas and Izabela Zrazinska, Worldsensing, Spain

Salt-Cemented Soils: Geotechnical Characterization for a Tailings Dam Embankment: A Case Study
César Ahumada, Isaac Jeldes and Alan Figueroa, Stantec, Chile
Common Challenges for Tailings Surveying Measurements and Their Impacts on Management of a TSF
Jim Turner and Sam RivetPhotosat information, Canada
Hydrological and Hydraulic Impact Downstream of a Mining Dam to be De-Characterized
Keila Oliveira, Isabelle Silva and Ana Leal, Vale, Brazil; Andrey Hilu, Alícia Prux and Marcelo Pinto, Head5 Engenharia, Brazil
Spatio-Temporal Monitoring of Tailings Dams Using S-wave Velocity Anomalies (dv/v)
Anaïs Lavoué, Roméo Courbis, Aurélien Mordret and Sophie Beauprêtre, Sisprobe, France; Sam Johansson, HydroResearch, Sweeden; Anna Stork and Ari David, Silixa, United Kingdom
Undrained Shear Strength Characterization of a Bauxite Tailing
Guilherme Pinto and Mauro Santos, Pimenta de Ávila Consultoria, Brazil
Visualization of the Degree of Soil Saturation with a Capacitive Moisture Sensors Wireless Network
Leopoldo Córdova, Francisco Villagrán and Igor Bravo, Geosinergia Ingenieria y Medio Ambiente, Chile; Diana Comte, AMTC-Universidad de Chile
10:00 - 10:50 Coffee Break
Session 3: Geotechnics II
Moderator: Jasna Zuñiga, Tailings Engineer, GHD, Chile
Session 4: Conventional and Thickened Tailings
Moderator: Marco Becerra, Managing Director, BH Inversiones, Chile
Effect of Saline Soil Collapse on The Physical Stability of Tailings Deposits
Cristian Monje, Cristian Segura, Matías Silva, WSP, Chile; Nicolás Pereira, Red Earth Engineering, Australia
How Life Cycle Management (LCM) Evaluation Can Support Sustainable Tailings Development
Erik Vlot, Weir Minerals, The Netherlands
Evaluation of the Susceptibility to Flow Liquefaction of a Bauxite Tailings
André Faria, Jessé Carneiro, Lucas Costa and Mauro Santos Júnior, Pimenta de Ávila Consultoria, Brazil
Compressibility Analysis: A Comparison Between Slimes, Total and Flotation Filtered Tailings Results
Matheus Muniz, Vale, Brazil; Michèle Casagrande and Roberto Santos, University of Brasília, Brazil
Evaluation of an Iron Ore Tailings Using CPTu, SDMT and FVST
Marcus Dias, Isabela Freitas and Alexandre Santos, Vale, Brazil; Marília Freire and Maria Marques, Military Institute of Engineering, Brazil
Myths on Flocculation and Tailings Dewatering
Phillip Fawell and Andreas Mönch, CSIRO Mineral Resources, Australia; Claudia CastilloFundación CSIRO Chile
The Use of the Denison Sampler in Stiff Foundation Soils of a Tailings Dam
César Pastén and Rodrigo Ramírez, WSP, Chile; Álvaro Gutiérrez and Julio Fernández, División Andina, Codelco, Chile
Towards Tailings Geometallurgy: Predicting Thickener Rake Torque for Copper Tailings Dewatering
Claudia Castillo, Fundación CSIRO Chile; Phillip Fawell and Ismael Mola, CSIRO Mineral Resources, Australia; Simón Irribarra, Santiago Nuñez, Marcela Oyarzún and Héctor Carreño, Codelco, Chile; David Medina, Universidad de Magallanes, Chile
Characterization of the Undrained Residual Response of Copper Tailings: Effects of Cyclic Load History
Nicolás Hormazábal, Gonzalo Suazo and Gabriel Villavicencio, Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, Chile
Design and Construction Aspects of the In-pit Thickened Tailings Facility at the Palmarejo Mine
Christopher Zabalaga, David Romo and Angel Villar, Newfields, USA; Frank Deal and Victor Molina, Mina Palmarejo, Mexico
12:30 - 13:40 Lunch
Session 5: Governance and Dam Safety I
Moderator: Marcelo Musse, Consulting Partner, Netke-Global, Chile
Session 6: Filtered Tailings I
Moderator: Jacqueline Maureira, Head Specialty Processes, Arcadis, Chile
Gap Analysis in the Implementation of Engineer of Record Services for Tailings Storage Facilities
Roberto Gesche, Alex Aburto and Valentina Rojas, Stantec, Chile; Alvaro SanJuan, Stantec, United Kingdom
Filter Aids to Improve Coarse and Ultrafine Gold Tailings Filtration
Livia Faustino, Leandro Bicalho and Pedro De Almeida, Clariant Mining Solutions, Brazil; Wagner Silva, Clariant Mining Solutions, USA
Risk Analysis Based in ALARP Concept in Tailings Dams
Pablo Ossa, División El Teniente, Codelco, Chile
Tailings Filtration with Smaller Filters but with Higher Productivities
Pedro Araujo, Vicente Esparza and Francesco Doveri, Matec, Brazil
Comparison Among the Principal Regulations for Mining Tailings Management in Latin America
Laura Moreno, Alejandro Calvo, Jaime Castro, Diego Cobos and Felipe Forero, SRK Consulting, Colombia
Operational Characterization of Filtered Tailings with Different Percentages of Ultrafine
Ana Luisa Rissoli and Alysson Pessoa, Vale, Brazil; Anselmo Mendes and Géssica Pereira, Progen, Brazil
Legal Aspects of the Seismic Loading Application in TSF Projects in Brazil
Jaime Souza, and Cristyane Saraiva, Hatch, Brazil;  Rafael Dávila, Hatch, Canada
Coarse Particle Flotation and Tailing Filtering: some considerations
Juan Schwarze and Cecilia Riveros, Arcadis, Chile
Tailings Runout into Streams and Reservoirs: Two-Layer Modelling and Case-Study
Philippe Delandmeter, Sébastien Blaise and Matthieu Constant, and Benoît Spinewine, Fugro, Belgium; Pedro Thá, Fugro, Brazil; Willyan Debastiani, Vale, Brazil; Adel Cortez, Fugro, Chile
Evaluation of Criteria for Equipment Selection and Disposal in Large Tonnage Filtered Tailings
Guido Huillca, Jhony Albornoz and Gerardo Gonzales, WSP, Peru
15:20 - 15:40 Coffee Break
Session 7: Governance and Dam Safety II
Moderator: Andrea López, Principal HDS Technology Development, Anglo American, Chile
Session 8: Technologies and Instrumentation for Monitoring and Surveillance II
Moderator: Christian Ihle, Academic, Universidad de Chile
The Role of the Tailings ITRB
David Williams, The University of Queensland, Australia
Tailings Dam Stability: Cost-Effective Instrumentation for Decision Making
Claudia Hidalgo and Michel Royle, SRK Consulting, Canada; Victor Flores, Peñoles, Mexico
Integrity Management System Model Implementation for Tailings Facilities
Claudio Román, Carla Serrano, Luis López, Ausenco, Chile
Definition of Statistical Acceptance Criteria for Automated Piezometer Readings
Christiane Oliveira and João Chiste, Samarco Mineração, Brazil 
Tailings Storage Facilities in Chile: An Integrated Approach for Environmental Compliance
Patricio Walker and Iván Honorato, Environmental Compliance Services, Chile
Quality Assurance on Tailing Facilities Monitoring Systems Commissioning
Gabriel Magalhães, Jefferson Barbosa, Federico Juliano and Luciano Assis, Vale, Brazil; Aline Rodrigues, Federal University of Ouro Preto, Brazil; Rayane Ramos, Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil
EoR Activities and Responsibilities Considering the GISTM and Experiences in Mining Operations in Chile
Mauricio Abdallah, NeoGeo Consult, Chile; Luis González and José Mello, WSP, Chile
Machine Learning Applied to Control Levels and Anomaly Detection in a Tailing Dam Monitoring Data

Beatriz Friguetto, Gabriel Magalhães, Nicholas Marino and Luciano Assis, Vale, Brazil; Adriana Lima, Universidad Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil

17:00 - 18:00 Short Break
Conference Activities
Inaugural Ceremony

Words of Welcome

  • Mimy Mackenzie, Conference Manager, Gecamin, Chile
  • César Pastén, Tailings 2023 Co-Organizer; Academic, AMTC, Universidad de Chile
  • Linda Figueroa, Tailings 2023 Co-Organizer; Site Director, Tailings Center, Colorado School of Mines, USA
  • Jorge Macedo, Tailings 2023 Co-Organizer; Assistant Professor, Georgia Tech, TAILENG, USA
“Overview of the Challenges the Chilean Mining Industry is Facing in Tailings Management and Regulations”
Gulliver Novoa, Tailings Head, Servicio Nacional de Geología y Minería, Sernageomin, Chile
“Improving Tailings Performance through Innovation and Industry Collaboration”
Kim Morrison, Senior Director Global Tailings Management, Newmont Mining Corporation, USA
19:15 - 21:00 Welcome Reception
Session 9: Geotechnics III
Moderator: César Pastén, Academic, AMTC, Universidad de Chile
Session 10: Hydraulics
Moderator: Carla Tapia, Pipeline Manager, Shimin Ingeniería, Chile
Day 2 Program Update
Day 2 Program Update
Numerical Simulation of Flow Liquefaction: Application of the Critical State Theory
Omar de Santiago, SRK Consulting, Mexico; Miguel Angel Mánica and Efraín Ovando, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Analysis of Bingham Plastic Fluid Transport in Laminar State Inside a Rectangular Flume
Ignacio Lorie and Alejandro Vera, Arcadis, Chile
Tallest Tailings Dams
Alfredo Vásquez and Sergio Barrera, Delfi Ingeniería, Chile
Tailings Removal Best Practices Using Hydraulic Remining
Francisco Neto and Malony de Ponte, Fraser Alexander, Brazil; Juan Carlos Duarte y Luis Avalos,Fraser Alexander, Chile
Application of Semi-Quantitative Methods for Estimating Probability of Failure by Internal Erosion in Tailing Dams
Alix Becerra, Gabriel Cuevas, Ignacio Atucha and Claudio Román, Ausenco, Chile
Tailings Distribution Box Scale Modeling
Diego Hoebel, Gonzalo Concha and Ray Martinson, Paterson & Cooke, Chile; Justin Jacobs, Paterson & Cooke, USA; José Luis Flores Codelco VP, Chile
Drying-Wetting Cycle Effects on Geotechnical Response of Surface Paste Tailings Deposits to Cycling Loading
Mamadou FallUniversity of Ottawa, Canada; Fahad Alshawmar, College of Engineering, Qassim University, Saudi Arabia
Energy Cost of Implementing Spigot Discharge Lines in High-Density Thickened Tailings Transport Systems
Alexis González, Rodrigo Caviedes and Pedro Desriviers, WSP, Chile
Laboratory Scale Tests: Hydraulic Dewatered Stacking (HDS) Technology, Anglo American Chile
Jaime Musso and Gonzalo Suazo, Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, Chie; Phill Newman, Anglo American, United Kingdom; José Burgos and Andrea López, Anglo American, Chile
Hydraulic Transport of Coarse Particle Settling Slurry and Solids Size Degradation
Ignacio BazánPaterson & Cooke, United Kingdom; Paulo Eriz, Paterson & Cooke, Chile
10:00 - 10:40 Coffee Break
Plenary Session 1
Moderator: Jason Nielson, Manager Tailings and Hydrology, Rio Tinto, USA
Plenary Session Sponsor
Vale’s Tailings Management Journey
Geraldo Paes, Global Director for Tailings, Vale, Brazil
Improving Tailings Outcomes with Next Generation Concentrators
Matt Pyle, Head of Technical Solutions, Ausenco, Australia
11:40 - 12:00 Short Break
Plenary Session 2
Moderator: David Williams, Professor of Geotechnical Engineering, The University of Queensland, Australia
The Tailings Reduction Roadmap
Tábatha Chávez, Tailings Lead, ICMM, UK
The Future of Tailings Management
Priscilla Nelson, Professor, Mining Engineering and E&O Director for the Tailings Center, Colorado School of Mines, USA
13:00 - 14:20 Lunch
Session 11: Geotechnics IV
Moderator: Luis Paredes, Regional Principal Specialist in Geotechnical & Tailings, Ausenco, Chile
Session 12: Closure Management and Filtered Tailings
Moderator: Bruno Espinace, General Manager, Geotecnia Ambiental, Chile
The Advantages of the Domino GHT5000F Filter Press in the Treatment of Large Quantities of Mining Waste: Case Study and "Lessons Learned"
Stefano Mantovani, Diemme Filtration, Italy; Idemilson Fritzke, Aqseptence Group, Brazil
Comparative Analysis of an Upstream Dam De-Characterization Considering Saturated Tailings Excavations
Thalita Andrade, Progen, Brazil; Wesley Carvalho, Larissa Rezende, Dalliane Guedes, Frank Pereira, Isabelle Silva and Ana Leal, Vale, Brazil
Liquefaction Prediction of Sandy Tailings Subjected to Monotonic Loads Through a Variable Parameter Constitutive Model
Jorge Cárdenas, Anibal Rios and Anderson Barreto, National University of Engineering, Peru; Celso Romanel, Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Non-Linear Dynamic Analysis of Filtered Dry Stacked Tailings Using the SANISAND-Sf and PM4S and Constitutive Models
Brahian Roman, SRK Consulting, USA; Martín Villanueva, SRK Consulting, Peru; Andrés Barrero and Arcesio Lizcano, SRK Consulting, Canada
Evaluation of Bauxite Tailings Performance as a Material for Mining Dam Closure: A Case Study
André Faria, Fernando Gonçalves and Matheus Dutra, Pimenta de Ávila Consultoria, Brazil
Lab Vane Shear Test Apparatus for Assessing Mine Tailings’ Undrained Shear Strength and Critical State Parameters
Jason Harvey, Iván Contreras Dafar Obeidat and Jedediah GreenwoodBarr Engineering, USA
Change and Challenges Towards an Integrated Filtered Tailings Operation
Arturo Gutiérrez, Metso, Finland; Einari Ojala and Rodolfo Fung, Metso, Chile; Hilario Gorvenia, Metso, Peru
Dynamic Analysis of a Filtered Tailings Deposit with Simplified and Numerical Methods
Luis Rojas, Edwin Sanchez and Denys Parra, Anddes Peru
Improving the Identification of Potential Displacement Precursors in TSFs by the Combination of Advanced InSAR Techniques and Humidity Content Information
Javier Duro, Rubén Iglesias, Dani Monells, Eduard Makhoul and Hernán Zapata, Dares Technology, Spain
16:00 - 16:20 Coffee Break
Session 13: Geotechnics V
Moderator: John Pottie, Geotechnical Engineering Manager, Teck Resources, Chile
Session 14: Water Management and Dam Break Analysis
Moderator: Silvana dal Pozzo, Tailings Principal, BHP, Chile
Study of Mechanical Behaviour Improvement of Filtered Stacked Tailings Based on Field Tests
Lucio Yamamoto, Juliana Moura, Victor Rocha, Felipe Russo and Gustavo Sousa, Vale, Brazil; Maria Boscov, University of São Paulo, Brazil
Application of Multispectral Satellite Imagery for Water Balance Estimation in Tailings Storage Facilities (TSF)
Gustavo Calle, María Hernández and Mauricio Abdallah, WSP, Chile; Rodrigo Gutierrez and Joaquin Martinez, Minera Centinela, Antofagasta Minerals, Chile
Geotechnical and Structural Assessment of Pile Stabilization for Tailings Dam on Weak Foundation: A Case Study
Nadia Shafie, Philip Solseng, Jedediah Greenwood and Roger Hart, Barr Engineering, USA
The Cost Impact of Water Recovery Requirements on Dewatering Equipment for Different Tailings Flowsheets
Chris Braun and Kenneth Rahal, FLSmidth, USA
Seismic Amplitude Control Levels for Earthen Dams: Application in Mining Operations
Victoria Lima, Beatriz Friguetto and Luciano Assis, Vale, Brazil; Matheus Cunha, Treta Tech, Brazil
Alternatives to Optimize Tailings Water Recovery, a Study Case in a Mining Company in Chile
Williams Flores, Macarena Mena and Mauricio Peralta, Centro de Investigación en Minería Sustentable JRI, Chile; Lenie Gajardo, SCM Minera Lumina Copper, Chile
Comparison Between P2PSand and Mohr-Coulomb Constitutive Models for the Seismic Modeling of a Tailing Dam in Chile using FLAC3D
Andrés Panes, Itasca, Chile; César Pastén, Universidad de Chile
The Critical Consideration of Dilute to Dry Tailings Rheologies in Practical Tailings Dam Break Modeling
Reinaldo Garcia, Jacinto Artiagas and Nick Calero, Hydronia, USA; Sergio Martinez, Pilar Garcia-Navarro and Javier Murillo, LIFTEC/CSIC-Universidad Zaragoza, Spain; Adolfo Correa, BrazilHydro, Brazil
Static Liquefaction Assessment of An Offset-Upstream Tailings Dam Using Norsand in FLAC
Junhong Li, Nathan Toohey, Jed Greenwood and Matthew Walker, Barr Engineering, USA
Methodological Alternative for the Run-Out Analysis Triggered by Internal Erosion Failure Mechanism
Misael Carrillo, José Farfán, Bruno Espinace, Raúl Espinace, GA Consultores, Chile
18:00 - 20:00 Networking Cocktail
Session 15: Innovations and Operational Experiences I
Moderator: Sebastian Albornoz, Senior Tailings Engineer, Arcadis, Chile
Session 16: Technologies and Instrumentation for Monitoring and Surveillance III
Moderator: Javier Duro, CEO, Dares Technology, Spain
Day 3 Program Update
Day 3 Program Update
Adaptation of the SMED Methodology in the Maintenance and Exchange of Press Filter Plates
Breno Pina, André Camarão and Rodolfo Amaral, Hydro Alunorte, Brazil
Experience in GbSAR Applied to the Identification of Settlement Downstream of a Tailings Dam
Filipe Costa, Elias Sousa and Karla Pimentel, Vale, Brazil
Digital Twin as a Mine-Tailing Deposition Support Management Tool
Andrés Franco, Rodrigo Perez, Luís Sepúlveda and Daniel Valdés, Alaya Digital Solutions, Chile
The Use of The INSAR Technique in Displacement Monitoring of an Upstream Tailings Dam
Beatriz Clemente, Vale, Brazil; Newton Souza and Rafael Silva, University of Brasília, Brazil
Use of BIM Methodology in Tailings Dam Design Projects
Alejandra Martin and Fabián Tapia, Arcadis, Chile
Technologies for Monitoring Surface Displacements and their Applications in Mining Dams
Eduardo Diniz, and Otoniel Miranda, Hexagon, Brazil; Pamela Lisboa, Vale, Brazil
Mine Tailings as Alternative Construction Materials
Nefeli Avgerou, Daniela Hesselbarth, Annette Weinkauf, Maria Bellver-Baca, Ignacio Aguilar-Sánchez and Emmanuel Gallucci, Sika Technology, Switzerland
Variation in Ground Radar Motion Detection Capability According to Line of Sight and Failure Mode
Diego Gonçalves, Miessa Souza, Beatriz Clemente and Pamela Lisboa, Vale, Brazil
QX Crane, an Innovation for the Safe Dam Access
Bruno Roja amd Andreas Blank, LCS Cable Cranes, Brazil; Roberto Vitellozzi, LCS Cable Cranes, Austria
Data Management to Improve the Integrity Management of Tailing Transport Systems and Dams
Matías Rojas, Juán Torres and Carla Serrano, Ausenco, Chile
10:00 - 10:40 Coffee Break
Plenary Session 3
Moderator: Luis Valenzuela, Geotechnical Consultant, Chile
Hydraulic Dewatered Stacking – A New Tailings Management System
Phil Newman, Head of Innovation, Anglo American, United Kingdom
Tailings Geotechnics - Recent advances and Future Perspectives
Jorge Macedo, Frederick Olmsted Early Career Professor on Geosystems Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology
11:40 - 12:00 Short Break
Plenary Session 4
Moderator: Linda Figueroa, Site Director, Tailings Center, Colorado School of Mines, USA
Development of Non-Conventional Tailings Management options for Antamina – Outcomes of Ongoing Co-Disposal Trials
David Machin, Tailings Strategy Senior Manager, Antamina, Peru
EoR Role and Team: What do the Experience Have to Say?
Gabriel Troncoso, Consultant on Risks and Safety in Tailings Dams, Chairman International Committee Dams & River Basin Management, ICOLD, Chile; and Jorge H. Troncoso, Senior Tailings Consultant and Engineer of Record (EoR), Member of International Technical Panels (ITRB), Chile
13:00 - 14:20 Lunch
Session 17: Innovations and Operational Experiences II
Moderator: Alejandro Vera , Ingeniero Senior Relaves, Arcadis, Chile
Session 18: Technologies and Instrumentation for Monitoring and Surveillance IV
Moderator: Cristobal Binvignat, General Manager - Tailings Consultant, DLS-BINAR Ingenieria, Chile
Technical and Financial Assessment of Dewatering and Disposal Alternatives for Bauxite Tailings
Gustavo Correia, Heloisa Ruggeri and Leonardo Oliveira, Alcoa, Brazil; Bárbara Fiorito, Alcoa, The Netherlands; João Segato, Sensata Engenharia, Brazil
Detection of Approaching Failure Conditions on TSFs Through Semi-Automatic Analysis of Remote Sensing Data
Davide Colombo, Paolo Farina, Andrea Ciampalini, Giacomo Ciabatti, Minja Kukavicic and Veronica Taurino, Geoapp, Italy
Caren Reservoir Filling Plan: New Challenges and Improvements for the Long Term
Sebastián Urbano, Andrés Campos and Francisco Saldaña, División El Teniente, Codelco, Chile
InSAR as the Primary Tool for Monitoring Multiple Assets: Global Tailing Dam Satellite Monitoring
Isora Brito and Ciscu SánchezTre Altamira, Chile; Miguel Angel Verdugo, Tre Altamira, Spain
Application of Machine Learning Techniques on Outlier Detection of Piezometric Data
Hugo Brandão, Tatiana Santos, Christiane Oliveira and Ana Costa, Pimenta de Ávila Consultoria, Brazil

Geopolymers: An Alternative to Reuse Copper Tailings as a Construction Material
Waldo Aracena, Williams Flores, Patricia Fernandez and Juan Rayo, Centro de Investigación en Minería Sustentable JRI,Chile; Hengels Castillo, JRI Ingeniería, Chile
Satellite Monitoring Increasing Tailings Dam Safety
Carolina Athayde, Sixense Iberia, Brazil; David Albiol, Blanca Payàs and Núria Devanthery, Sixense Iberia, Spain
Inclined Plate Clarifier Technology: A Cost-Effective Approach to Detach Thickening and Clarification
Cristian Reyes, Advanced Mining Technology Center (AMTC), Universidad de Chile; Christian IhleUniversidad de Chile; Cristóbal Arratia, Nordita, KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Stockholm University, Sweden
The Use of L-Band SAR in the Monitoring the Safety of Tailings Storage Facilities
Jonathan Lynch, Asterra, United Kingdom; Eddy SegalAsterra, Israel
Closing Ceremony

Conference Balance and Final Comments

Mimy Mackenzie, Conference Manager, Gecamin, Chile
Hugo Quelopana, Program Director, Project Manager, Delfing, Chile
César Pastén, Tailings 2023 Co-Organizer; Academic, AMTC, Universidad de Chile
Linda Figueroa, Tailings 2023 Co-Organizer; Site Director, Tailings Center, Colorado School of Mines, USA
Jorge Macedo, Tailings 2023 Co-Organizer; Assistant Professor, Georgia Tech, TAILENG, USA 
Kim Morrison, Senior Director Global Tailings Management, Newmont Mining Corporation, USA

16:20 - 17:00 Farewell Cocktail
Poster Session
Advances in Defining an Efficient Ground Motion Intensity Measure to Estimate Displacements of Tailings Dams
Bastián Garrido, FCFM-AMTC Universidad de Chile; César Pastén, Universidad de Chile; Pablo Heresi, Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, Chile
Numerical Evidence of Displacement Aggravation in Tailings Dams Including the Vertical Ground Motion
José Bustos and César Pasten, Universidad de Chile, Bastián Garrido, FCFM-AMTC Universidad de Chile
Mechanical Compaction on Slopes with Vibratory Towed Rollers in Tailings Dams
Walter Herrera, Maquicem, Peru
Static and Dynamic Laboratory Tests of Vibrating Wire Piezometers to Propose Improvements in Their Field Applications
Rafael Fernández and Roberto Gesche, Universidad de Chile; Sebastián Fingerhuth, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, Chile
A Comparison Between PM4SAND and HSS Constitutive Models for the Seismic Performance of Tailings Dams
Nicolas Villanueva, Bastián Garrido and César Pastén, Universidad de Chile
Application of Nanomaterials to Mitigate Flow Failure in Tailings Sands
Vicente Bravo-Muñoz, Felipe Ochoa-Cornejo, Universidad de Chile
From Tailings Dams to Carbon Storage Facilities
Javiera Soto, Mauricio Villagrán and Pablo Salgado, Universidad Católica de la Santísima Concepción, Chile
Estimation of Moisture Values in Tailing Deposits using a Petrophysical Approach
Aaron Moya, Diana Comte, Daniel Díaz, Leopoldo Córdova, Brian Townley and  Gisella Palma, Universidad de Chile