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Conference Program

November 4-6, 2015. Enjoy Hotel, Antofagasta, Chile

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16:00-19:00 Registration, Foyer

18:00-18:20 Authors and Session Chair Coordination Meeting, Ballroom A


Ballroom AB
Inauguration Ceremony
Words of Welcome

Barbara Alcayaga, Srmining 2015 Conference Manager, Planning and Development Manager, Gecamin, Chile

Deanna Kemp, Srmining 2015 Co-Chair, Deputy Director, Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining, Sustainable Minerals Institute, The University of Queensland, Australia

Francisco Veloso, Srmining 2015 Chair, VP of Corporate Affairs and Sustainability, Antofagasta Minerals and Chairman of the Board of Minera Los Pelambres, Chile

Invited Speaker

Diego Hernández, CEO, Antofagasta Minerals PLC, Chile

Opening Address

Sergio Muñoz, President, Supreme Court of Justice, Government of Chile

20:00 Welcome Reception
Ballroom AB
Plenary Session 1
Chair: Ursula Weber, Anglo American, Chile
Day 2 Program Update
Cristian Parra, Srmining 2015 Technical Coordinator, Analysis for Development Group, Australia
Mining and Social Responsibility: Progress and Challenges for the Future
Deanna Kemp, Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining, Sustainable Minerals Institute, The University of Queensland, Australia
Construction of Collective Participation Standards for Energy Investment Projects in Chile
Javier Zulueta, Division of Inclusion and Dialogue, Ministry of Energy, Chile
Business & Human Rights – Assessing the Implementation of the “Protect, Respect and Access to Remedy” Framework and Challenges for the Mining Industry
Dante Pesce, Working Group on Business and Human Rights, Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Chile
10:00-10:40 Poster Session and Coffee Break. Foyer
Ballroom A
Session 1: Conflict Prevention and Resolution
Chair: Miguel Cervantes, CCPM Consulting Group, Peru
(SPA) The Invention of a Territory: Mining Development and Socio-Environmental Conflicts in Huasco Alto
Juan Antonio Carrasco, Goldcorp El Morro, Chile
(ENG) Proactive Conflict Prevention: Evaluating Effectiveness of a Site Level Grievance Mechanism in Peru
Francisco Raunelli, Sergio González, Eva Izquierdo, Katie Fergusson, Norman Gridley and Monique Llaque, Anglo American, Peru
(ENG) Supporting Community-Driven Early Engagement Around Natural Resource Extraction in Fragile States
Lien De Brouckere and Jon Bellish, One Earth Future Foundation, United States
(SPA) Community Engagement: A Success Case in Mexico
Lucrecia Solano, Redes de Confianza, Mexico
(SPA) Changing Common Sense: Collaboration as a Business Model
Juan Pedro Pinochet, Gestión Social, Chile
(A63) Social License in ‘Real Time’: Using Dynamic Methods to Support a New Kind of Community Relationship
Kieren Moffat, Naomi Boughen and Airong Zhang, Mineral Resources Flagship, CSIRO, Australia; Laura Brooks, Anglo American, United Kingdom
Ballroom B
Session 2: Community, Social Capital and the Environment
Chair: Sally Babidge, The University of Queensland, Australia
(SPA) Lessons from a Pioneer Participatory Water Monitoring Program: Building Local Governance Collaboratively
Cesar Leiva, El Teniente Division, Codelco, Chile
(ENG) Mines and Sustainable Communities: Seeking Platforms for True Development Partnership
Timothy Hart, SRK Consulting, South Africa
Project Finance & Community Relations: Costs of the Social Risk in the Energy and Extractive Sector
Francisco Merino and Stephen Dow, Centre of Energy, Petroleum and Mining Law and Policy, University of Dundee, UK
(SPA) The Concept of Social Capital and its Impact on the Development of Community Investments Initiatives
Cristian Puga and Marcelo Glavic, Minera Centinela, Antofagasta Minerals, Chile
(SPA) Economic and Social Development Contribution of a Mining Project in a Region
Norma Orozco, Superintendencia de Servicios Públicos Domiciliarios, Colombia and Karen De La Hoz, Universidad Nacional de Colombia
12:40-14:00 Lunch. Menorca Ballroom
Ballroom A
Session 3: Resettlement, Human Rights, Fair Labor and Gender
Chair: Alejandra Tironi, Antofagasta Minerals, Chile
(ENG) Human Rights Impact Assessment in the Extractive Industries: Taking a Human Rights-Based Approach
Nora Götzmann, Danish Institute for Human Rights, Denmark and Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining, SMI, The University of Queensland, Australia and Tulika Bansal, Danish Institute for Human Rights, Denmark
(ENG) Improving Family Farming as a Sustainable Development Tool of Serrote da Laje Project
André Germani and José Brito, Independent Consultants, Brazil
(SPA) Codelco’s Experience in the Field of Gender Equality
Laura Albornoz, Corporación Nacional del Cobre, Codelco, Chile
(ENG) A Centralized Talent Management Approach at a Mining Company in Southern Africa
Yvonne Muzondiwa, Ilze Swarts and Cecile Schultz, Tshwane University of Technology, South Africa
(ENG) Informed Communities: Supporting Development in the Context of Mining in the Republic of Guinea
Lien De Brouckere, American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative, United States
(SPA) Rebuilding Education in Haiti, a Chilean Experience of Public, Private, Academia and Civil Society Cooperation
Karin Eggers, Komatsu Cummins Chile; Freddy Yañez, Komatsu Cummins Chile and América Solidaria, Haiti; Rogelio Rubiño, International Cooperation Agency Chile, Foreign Relations Ministry, Chile; and Sebastián Zulueta, Fundación América Solidaria, Chile
Ballroom B
Session 4: Challenges in CSR, SR Standards and Shared Value
Chair: Nigel Wight, The University of Queensland, Australia
(ENG) How Does the Local Context Shape Corporate Social Responsibility in Mining? The Case of Vale
Marie-Gabrielle Piketty and Marcel Djama, Centre de Coopération Internationale en Recherche Agronomique pour le Développement, France and Malaysia; University of Putra Maya, Malaysia; Isabel Drigo, Nexus Socioambiental, Brazil; Mario Falcão and Jaime Nhamirre, Eduardo Mondlane University, Mozambique
(SPA) The European Style: Impact Assessment, a Baseline for the Decision Making Process
Yanina Kowszyk, Emilie Besnier, Irene Haddad, Rajiv Maher and Grissel Meneses, Forum Empresa, Chile
(SPA) From Social Responsibility towards Corporate Territorial Responsibility
Guillén Calvo and Patricio Carvallo, INSUCO, Colombia and Chile
(ENG) The Enduring Value of Early, Closure-Specific Stakeholder Engagement
Geraldine McGuire, Sustainable Solutions Global, Australia and Jeff Millgate, Pan Aust Asia
(SPA) Industry-Community Dialogue: The Experience of Sierra Gorda’s Good Neighbors Table
Claudio Echeverría, Good Neighbors Table, Sierra Gorda, Chile
(SPA) Generating Shared Value: Organized Andacollo Community and Teck Carmen de Andacollo
Manuel Farías and Juan Seleme, Cía. Minera Teck Carmen de Andacollo, Chile
16:00-16:40 Poster Session and Coffee Break. Foyer
Ballroom AB
Discussion Panel 1
Human Rights, Indigenous Issues, Social Conflicts and the Importance of New Approaches and Early Engagement with Communities
  • Sebastián Donoso, Research Associate, Centro de Políticas Públicas UC, Chile (Moderator)

  • Gloria Arriagada, Regional Director, Fundación Casa de la Paz, Chile
  • Norman Gridley, Sustainability Manager, Anglo American Quellaveco, Peru
  • Antonio Cruz, President of the Atacama People's Council
  • Luis Contreras, Regional Environmental Manager, KGHM, Chile
18:20-21:00 Cocktail and Conference Dinner. Menorca Ballroom
Ballroom AB
Plenary Session 2
Chair: Cristian Parra, Analysis for Development Group, Australia
Day 3 Program Update
Cristian Parra, Srmining 2015 Technical Coordinator, Analysis for Development Group, Australia
Managing Complexity in a Changing World: A Global Perspective on Social Responsibility in Mining
Aidan Davy, International Council on Mining and Metals, United Kingdom
Building Networks for Local Development: The Case of Sanitary Improvement Project in the Town of Michilla
Cristian Puga, Minera Centinela, Chile and Marcelino Carvajal, Municipality of Mejillones, Chile

Teck Quebrada Blanca - Early Relations
Patricio Pinto, Teck Quebrada Blanca, Chile
10:00-10:40 Poster Session and Coffee Break. Foyer
Ballroom A
Session 5: Social Investment, Community Development, Social Enterprise and Collective Impact
Chair: Manuel Farías, Teck, Chile
(SPA) Improving the Relationship between Company and Community
Sergio Villa, Grupo México, Mexico
(SPA) Understanding Collective Action in Artisanal and Small-Scale Gold Mining
Adrián Saldarriaga, Santiago Arango and Clara Villegas, Universidad Nacional de Colombia
(SPA) Learning Zone Program: Improving the Quality of Life in a Mining Community
Imelda Montemayor and Rogelio Montemayor, Redes de Confianza, Mexico
(SPA) Health Care Networking Promotion in the Province of Huasco: Collaboration between Public and Private Sectors?
Edward Curiante, Goldcorp El Morro, Chile
(ENG) Building Trust through Participative Monitoring of Regional Commitments in Moquegua, Peru
Francisco Raunelli, Sergio Gonzaléz, Eva Izquierdo, Norman Gridley, Katie Fergusson, Anglo American, Peru
Ballroom B
Session 6: Measuring, Monitoring and Reporting Social Performance (1 of 2)
Chair: Marcelo Glavic, Minera Centinela, Chile
(SPA) Getting to Know to Transform: An Integrated Research and Social Management Model at Anglo American’s Operations in Chile
David Viera and Ursula Weber, Anglo American, Chile; and Daniela Acuña, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
(ENG) The Art and Science of Benefit Sharing in the Natural Resource Sector
Liane Lohde, International Finance Corporation, Peru
(SPA) Building Communities Relations Strategies from the Ground Up: A Case Study of Rio Tinto Exploration in Chile
Cristian Jauré, Rio Tinto Exploration, Chile
(SPA) Chile’s New Voluntary Standards for Company-Community Relations during the Pre-Investment Stage
David Plumb, Consensus Building Institute, Chile and Claudio Bustamante, Consejo Nacional de Producción Limpia, Chile
(SPA) Green Marketing as a Tool to Estimate the Perception of Coal Mining
Danny López and Carlos Socarras, Universidad de La Guajira, Colombia
12:20-14:00 Lunch. Menorca Ballroom
Ballroom A
Session 7: Indigenous Peoples, Indigenous Rights and Mining
Chair: María José Miranda, Analysis for Development Group, Chile
(SPA) Does Prior Consultation Generate Conflicts? The Case of Extractive Industries in Peru
Miguel Cervantes, CCPM Consulting Group, Peru
(ENG) Sustaining Project Agreements between Community and Corporations: Issues, Implications and Solutions
Kim Wilson, Specialized Native Title Consultants, Australia, and Margarita Escartin, Red Cliff Project Consultants, Australia
(ENG) Post-politics and Oil and Gas Extraction in New Zealand and Canada: Indigenous Perspectives
Katharina Ruckstuhl, University of Otago, New Zealand
(SPA) KGHM Voluntary Environmental and Community Engagement Approach for Exploration near the Caspana Indigenous Community
María Ignacia Fracchia and Luis Contreras, KGHM, Chile; Ernesto Colamar, Caspana Indigenous Community; MEK HSEC Team, KGHM, Chile
(ENG) Indigenous Peoples and Mining: Opportunities for Mutual Benefit
Aidan Davy, International Council on Mining and Metals, United Kingdom
Ballroom B
Session 8: Measuring, Monitoring and Reporting Social Performance (2 of 2)
Chair: Kieren Moffat, CSIRO, Australia
(SPA) An Integrated Multidisciplinary Approach to Managing Social Impacts of Construction at the Quellaveco Project
Jorge SalemCecilia Posadas, Katie Fergusson, Francisco Raunelli and Guillermo Astete, Anglo American, Peru
(ENG) Adoption of Social Media in the Australian Energy and Resources Sectors
Craig Styan, William Trott, Christopher Bartley, Owen Sharpe, Helena Wu, Adeline Tubb and Darien Simon, University College London, Australia
(ENG) The Beyond Zero Harm Framework: Reinventing Company-Community Baseline Approaches
Aaron Steeghs, Yamana Gold, Canada, and Lauren Joseph, The World Economic Forum, Switzerland
(SPA) Integrated System of Social Information Management: Preventing, Monitoring and Learning
Maritza Burbano and Mario Wong, Rio Tinto, Peru
(SPA) Somos Choapa: A New Approach to Local Engagement and Community Investment
Andrés Morán, Antofagasta Minerals, Chile
15:40-16:20 Poster Session and Coffee Break. Foyer
Ballroom AB
Discussion Panel 2
Trends and Challenges in CSR, Community Engagement and Benefit Sharing for the Resource Sector
  • Ursula Weber, Social and Community Development Manager, Anglo American, Chile (Moderator)
  • Petri Salopera, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, Goldcorp El Morro, Chile
  • Juan Pablo Schaeffer, Chief Sustainable Development Officer, Colbún, Chile
  • Francisco Veloso, VP of Corporate Affairs and Sustainability, Antofagasta Minerals and Chairman of The Board of Minera Los Pelambres, Chile
  • Ana Zúñiga, Vice President of Corporate Affairs and Sustainability, Sierra Gorda SCM, Chile  
Ballroom AB
Closing Ceremony
Conference Balance and Final Comments

Barbara Alcayaga, Srmining 2015 Conference Manager, Gecamin, Chile

Deanna Kemp, Srmining 2015 Co-Chair, Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining, SMI, The University of Queensland, Australia

Francisco Veloso, Srmining 2015 Chair, Antofagasta Minerals, Chile

Ballroom Foyer
Poster Presentations
Agroforestry Systems: Demonstrative Unit of the Cassava Production Chain in Traditional Communities. A Successful Family Farming Experience in the Amazon
Alberto Aragão and Paulo Mendonça, Mineraçao Rio do Norte, Brazil
Ballroom Foyer
Student Poster Presentations
Indigenous Rights and Identity in Mining: The Politicization of Indigenous Identity in Communities in III and IV Regions of Chile
Nigel Wight, PhD Student, Sustainability in Minerals Institute, University of Queensland, Australia
Development of a Practical Information Guide for the Civil Society Surrounding the Cauquenes-Coligüe Tailings Dams
Francisca Urbina, Universidad Mayor, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and CONICYT-PAI Program, Chile